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Tencent has taken the gaming world by storm with its announcement of PUBG New State. Set in 2051, the game takes the much-loved Battle Royale genre and expands on it by adding a lot of new features while also improving the visuals of the game. Currently, an official trailer for New State has been released. Looking at it, we’ve compiled a list of features that have been confirmed to be included in PUBG New State.

It’s clear that the game will be favoring fast-paced, close-quartered combat, unlike its predecessor. With the introduction of high-caliber guns and faster vehicles, closing the gap on an enemy and shredding them apart will be much more common in the new urban map.

PUBG New State Features and Details

The game is set to take place in a fictional city called Trio in the year 2051. Consequently, most vehicles that you are familiar with from the original game and weapons have been updated to suit the new futuristic aesthetic of the game. Alongside this, a lot of new mechanics will be introduced to the game that differentiates it from its predecessor.

Game Physics

pubg new state collission in car

In the current base game, you might have experienced a lot of times where the physics in the game just doesn’t feel right. The developers at Tencent have realized this and are going to be implementing realistic collision-based systems in New State.

Now, colliding with a car will leave actual physical cracks on your own vehicle, and alongside that, you can expect parts to be falling off depending on the nature of the impact. So, you can expect GTA-V-like driving and collision-based mechanics which make driving a whole lot harder and more realistic at the same time.

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Moreover, you should now be able to interact with buildings and structures near you. So, shooting down doors, cracking glass, mowing down windows, and fences with vehicles should all be possible now.

Ultra Realistic Graphics

realistic graphics

An emphasis the developers have made in the Trailer as well as external reports are their focus on trying to make the game as visually pleasing as possible. Based on Unreal Engine 4, PUBG New State aims to be the most visually complex game available on mobile platforms.

With support for real-time shadows, high resolution textures, dynamic lighting, real-time aliasing and tessellation, we should be looking at a game that looks extremely realistic but also consumes a lot of resources at the same time.

New Map

trio 2051 map pubg new state confirmed features

PUBG New State’s map Troi is expected to be an 8×8 urban map with unique buildings, structures, and locations. Unlike Erangel, the developers will not be re-using assets and will rather be creating new locations and structures around the city to give it an accurate vibe.

Moreover, you should be able to use the intricate train-based transportation system found within the trailer to move around if you do not fancy using a vehicle.

Updated Animations

updated animations

In the pursuit of realism, animations are an aspect that can make or break your immersion. Thankfully, the developers have implemented realistic bullet physics, gun loading, and firing animations alongside other finite details that add to the overall immersion.

Moreover, you can expect other animations such as your character actually closing and opening doors, leaning when getting into a vehicle with hitboxes accounting for the change in ragdoll movement.

Weapon Attachments / Gadgets

deployable shield pubg new state features

As seen in the trailer, Weapon attachments are going to be an integral part of PUBG New State. Currently, we do not know about the progression system for these particular attachments and how you would be able to get them. But, we can assume that they would follow COD Mobile’s Gunsmith formula with Weapon XP being the proprietary factor.

Moreover, a Deployable Shield and Drone can be seen in the trailer. This indicates that Gadgets like ones seen in Apex Legends or Warzone will be readily available for you to use in the game. As mentioned earlier, we still do not know how they will be integrated into the game.

A small snippet also shows a character wearing a Bionic arm. While Bionic attachments like the ones in Cyberpunk might just be for aesthetic purposes, there is a chance that they may be part of an attachment or gadget.

As you can see, there’s going to be a lot of changes and addition to the new version of PUBG. How do you feel about these additions and confirmed features for PUBG New State? Is there anything missing? Let us know in the comments down below!

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