How to Participate in PUBG: New State Technical Test


PUBG: New State final test is almost here, as the game is set to be released on November 11, the developers are to conduct a final technical test and you can anyone can participate in it. The test is to go live on October 29 and would continue through October 30. However, it is only available in a handful of countries around the world.

After the tremendous success of PUBG: Mobile, the developers Krafton have decided to bring out another title, PUBG: New State, which brings about a futuristic take on the game. The upcoming game is said to bring a complete set of new features and will be made available on both Android phones and Apple iOS devices.

PUBG: New State Technical Test Will Be Available In Select countries

The final test for PUBG: New State will only be available in the following countries only:

  • Northeast Asia: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao.
  • Southeast Asia: Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, Maldives, and Laos.
  • Middle East: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, Lebanon, and Bahrain.
  • Europe: Turkey.

Note that the developer, Krafton, has provided no information in regards to the number of players that will be able to join the technical test.

If you are located in one of the above-mentioned countries, you are in luck as you have a chance to be a part of something new. However, if your country didn’t make the list, don’t worry as the game will be releasing globally on November 11, and you can pre-register for the game on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. By pre-registering, you will be able to get an exclusive permanent vehicle skin as a reward.

APK and OBB download links for PUBG: New State are finally here! Here’s how you can get it up and running: Download PUBG New State APK and OBB Data for Android

How To Participate In The Technical Test?

If you have pre-registered for the game and are located in one of the testing regions, you have a chance to participate in the upcoming technical test for PUBG: New State. The Developers will select a pool of people for the pre-registered group and make the game available for them to play during the allotted testing time. If you are lucky enough to have been selected, a notification will make you aware of the availability of the game for download.

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