Returnal: Ascension DLC Release Date and Time

Returnal: Ascension Release Date and Time

Returnal: Ascension is the highly anticipated expansion to Housemarque’s beloved third-person shooter horror rogue-like, Returnal. The game received critical acclaim from many for its satisfying combat and gameplay, interesting story, and tense atmosphere while receiving both negative and positive reception from gamers and critics alike for its difficulty and rogue-like nature.

It seems that Returnal: Ascension is seemingly going to help alleviate that issue with the addition of a brand new co-op mode as well as an endless horde mode for the players who enjoyed the combat loop of the base game in the form of the “Tower of Sisyphus”. Below you can find the release date and time for Returnal: Ascension.

Returnal: Ascension Release Date and Time

Players who were fans of Returnal have been eagerly anticipating the release of its expansion and an official ETA hasn’t been given on the release of Returnal’s newest update. We can estimate based on the launch timings of past updates that Ascension is due to be coming out on March 22, Tuesday at 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET / 11 AM GMT.

We will update this article accordingly once an official ETA has been given.

Returnal: Ascension New Additions

Returnal: Ascension Release Date and Time

The latest DLC brings with it a slew of new interesting additions. The most interesting addition in the update happens to be the Horde mode “Tower of Sisyphus” which supposedly adds a lot of new and interesting content to the game including new enemies, bosses, and even completely new additions to the game’s story. The official blog post on Returnal: Ascension reads as follows:

“Aside from the new levels, our new Boss, and some new items to discover, there is also entirely new narrative content to be explored in the Tower as well. I won’t spoil anything here, but players will get another small glimpse into Selene’s haunting past and gain further insight into her state of mind.”

Another huge addition includes a Co-op mode, which will be a very pleasant surprise for the players who were looking to face Selene’s horror with a friend or were overwhelmed due to its high difficulty. The description for the co-op mode reads as:

“While Returnal was designed as a focused solitary experience, the hostile forces of Atropos can often feel overwhelming and leave us yearning for companionship. With our new two-player online co-op mode, players can now combine their forces and brave the challenges of Atropos together.”

Note: Playing Co-Op with a friend will require an active PS+ subscription.

These are all some very substantial additions to an already great game, and what’s even more interesting is that just like Sucker Punch’s “Legends” Expansion for Ghost of Tsushima, Returnal: Ascension will also be launching as a completely free update to the game.

For more on the latest happenings in the gaming industry, keep an eye out for our news section! We will also be putting out guides about the game so let us know what we should cover in the comments below. What is your favorite inclusion in this update?

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