Rocket League Season 6 Release Time | Rocket Pass Details

The newest season of Rocket League begins very soon as developer Psyonix has announced the date and time for the upcoming Season 6 of the beloved sports game. Rocket League came out in 2015 and took the gaming community by storm with its unique concept of mixing together Soccer with race cars. The game was a sensation at the time of its release and has still maintained a steady stream of players through the incredible support provided by developer Psyonix.

The latest in the long line of updates for the game start with the newest Season 6 which introduces a new Rocket pass, a Neo-Tokyo variant arena, and other new and exciting content to follow after the season starts. We have compiled everything that you need to know about the upcoming season right here for your convenience!

Rocket League Season 6 Release Time

Rocket League Season 6 is expected to go live on Wednesday, March 9 at 8 a.m. PST (4 p.m. UTC). Players will be required to download a patch before they can access the newest content in Rocket League’s Season 6 update. For more details on the Season 6 update, players can also check out the official Rocket League website which also has the newest trailer for Season 6.

Rocket League Season 6 Rocket Pass

According to information from the official Rocket League website, the Rocket Pass will have 70 tiers in it and it has been separated into two premium passes.

  • The Rocket Pass Premium costs 1000 credits and includes instant access to the brand new Nomad Van as well as access to the season finale Nomad GXT which unlocks at Tier 70.
  • The Rocket Pass Bundle costs 3000 credits and is currently being sold for 2000 credits, it lets you skip the pilot episode, unlocks the Nomad van as well as access to 12 additional tiers.

You can buy the Rocket Pass by selecting Rocket Pass in the main menu, hitting “Get Premium” and using your credit balance to purchase the pass.

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