How to Get Russell Adler in Call of Duty: Mobile

The latest upcoming game in the Call of Duty franchise is all the hype these days, and it gets even more exciting when the team decides to gift you a free limited-edition character skin of Russell Adler in Call of Duty: Mobile. The open beta for the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has just begun and if you are one of the early players who like to get into the action, you are in for a surprise with free gifts.

Russell Adler is one of the main players in COD: Black Ops Cold War with having a history as a CIA operative. This badass player is all set to launch on COD Mobile well before it is officially launched in the main Black Ops series on November 13.

If you are like us collecting new characters and free gifts, then continue reading below. We have broken the steps for getting Russell Adler in three different parts.

Russell Adler in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Step 1 – Link COD Mobile Account with Activision

The first thing you need to get done with is to link your Call of Duty: Mobile account with the main Activision’s Call of Duty account. If you haven’t done this already, get it done and enjoy the free gifts as soon as you are connected.

You can link your accounts by going to Settings and tapping on the social media icons on the top. From there, tap the Call of Duty button and sign-in to link your Activision account.

Step 2 – Play COD: Black Ops Cold War Open Beta

The next step is to download and play the open beta of Black Ops Cold War on a console or PC. Make sure you play it with the same Activision account you linked in Call of Duty: Mobile to be eligible to receive this reward.

NOTE: Play the beta for a minimum of two days.

Russell Adler in Call of Duty: Mobile

Step 3 – Redeem Code for Russell Adler

Next, you need to wait for the redeem code in your email. In a week after this open beta ends, Activision will send out a code in your email inbox. This unique code will unlock Russell Adler for your COD Mobile account.

Copy over the redeem code and visit this COD Mobile Redemption page. Enter your details and submit it. Once you redeem the code, you will unlock and receive the Russell Adler character skin in your Call of Duty: Mobile in-game mailbox.

For detailed instructions on how to redeem codes, check out the following guide: How to Redeem Codes in Call of Duty: Mobile

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