Sea Of Thieves Introduces Season 6, Trailer Out Now

Sea of Thieves Update

Sea of Thieves has been growing exponentially since its initial lackluster release. With each new season, the game introduces more and more content and fellow buccaneers are living their favorite pirate fantasies. Just now Sea of Thieves developer Rare has announced the Season 6 and we have all the details of it.

With a lot of new content and a whole new and different approach to delivering the Pirate life to the players, Sea of Thieves is looking even more attractive as a live-service game. There are many new activities and tales to live so let’s get down to what are we getting in this Sea of Thieves Season 6.

Sea Of Thieves Season 6

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Sea of Thieves Season 6 is coming real soon and with it Rare is revamping the way they dole out their content. We will be mentioning everything new that’s coming with it:


These mini tall tales will feature new ways of sending you on an adventure. These will occur once a month during the 3-month seasonal period. Each of these adventures will last for 2 to 4 weeks and depending on the choices and actions of the player, the content and story will adapt accordingly. The first of these Adventure, Shrouded Islands, will commence at the end of the Season 5 from February 15th to March 3rd.

These adventures will be time-limited and any cosmetic rewards that they may give will be gone once the window is closed. Though the rewards will be lost the story can still be followed along through in-game cinematics which will also be available on YouTube.

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There are new open sea encounters by these strange new forts popping all over. These forts are brought forward from the Sea of The Damned to the real world and will feature aesthetics of different biomes within the game. Not only does this feature reward but also spark the curiosity lore-wise as to why are these coming into the real world?

These are different from the usual skull forts as these will be totally random to spot, unlike skull forts’ static location. Consider these forts new and exciting and sometimes spooky treasuries haunted by Phantoms. They will feature new Loot halls that house many rewards.

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There are many more things that going to be added in the Season of Sea of Thieves and we will update accordingly. How excited are you for this new Season? Comment below and let us know.

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