Sea Of Thieves Server Down Right Now on February 17, Maintenance Time

sea of thieves sept. 23 update

Sea of Thieves has just gone down for server maintenance on February 17 2022 and we have the complete details for you right here. As of yet, the update seems to be finding out the reason behind the ominous grey mist that is plaguing the islands. We still aren’t sure of what to expect from the update.

As of yet, the servers will be going down for maintenance at 10 AM GMT for an unknown amount of time. You can find all the relevant information regarding Sea of Thieves Server Down on February 17 down below.

Sea of Thieves Server Down Right Now

As of yet, we’re not sure as to what exactly is going to be coming out from this update. However, developers have stated that there’ll be an ominous mist that will be covering the islands after the update finishes!

As of yet, servers will be going down on February 17, 10 AM GMT. There have been no reports as to when exactly the servers will be back. Usually, though, servers are brought back in a few hours after maintenance.

As always, we’ll be updating this post with the complete patch notes with Sea of Thieves February 17 Update as soon as we get our hands on them.

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