Sheltered 2 Releases Today on PC | Is It Worth Buying?

Sheltered 2 is an in-depth survival simulation and colony management game developed by Unicube, a sequel to the original 2015 game. With a more complex and challenging experience, Sheltered 2 will be releasing today on September 21, 2021. Here is a complete walkthrough of the new game, its new features, and much more.

In the original Sheltered, players were tasked with keeping a small family and any newly recruited members (NPCs) alive during the apocalypse. Players could build a spacious underground base with several rooms meant for different tasks. The game had enough customizable options to create exciting family units in each playthrough. These options and pixelated graphic structure made Sheltered stand out from the rest of the colony survival games in 2015. Many of these features have been switched out from the new game.

Sheltered 2 New Features

Some of the original Sheltered features have been completely changed in the new game, giving it an entirely different outlook. Here are the new features added in Sheltered 2:


Factions allow users to create relationships with other groups. It provides your base with extra support and resources. You can even land in battle with the other groups and capture their bases for the resources.

Character Improvements

Originally, Sheltered had a family surviving through an apocalypse. The whole family concept has been switched out in the new game. Your survivors are no longer a team of two adults, two children, and a beloved pet. You’re no longer guiding a family through an apocalypse. You’re playing manager to a group of employees having their personalities, traits, desires and a vast list of skills to acquire. You can also customise them to your liking.

Resource Management

Characters in Sheltered 2 won’t simply be bodies performing tasks. Each character has a list of basic needs, including hunger, thirst, health, and the ability to accumulate mental and physical injuries during expeditions across the map for supplies. All characters can build relationships with each other, causing emotional trauma when a death occurs. This trauma also affects the character’s performance in the faction.

Faction Leaders

Furthermore, each faction has a leader now. The faction leader is the most critical team member, having their own unique and powerful traits. The death of the faction leader means game over. As permadeath is not optional, you need to look out for your faction leader and save him at all costs.

Map Improvements

One of the most significant improvements of Sheltered 2 is the expedition map, which will need to be created by players who must then risk characters’ lives to obtain crafting supplies, food, and other essential items. The expeditions are planned out on a map that is made up of hexagonal tiles. Each tile presents a challenge, like a barren wasteland or other explorable locations.

Is it Worth Buying?

Sheltered 2 has just gone live earlier today, and you can purchase the game at Steam.

This game is an excellent pick for Sheltered fans or hardcore survival games fans in general. The combination of individual character needs, social elements, and new faction system added to the game make it rational and exciting more than ever. Despite this, Sheltered 2 also offers a rewarding challenge structure for fans. Looking at all the new features and additions, it seems like Sheltered 2 will be worth the purchase.

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