Soul Hackers 2 Trailer Reveals New Story and Character Details

Soul Hackers 2 New Details

Soul Hackers 2 is a JRPG series made by ATLUS, the minds behind the long running SMT franchise as well as its popular younger brother Persona. Soul Hackers 2 is another spin-off series that stems from SMT and a sequel to 1997’s Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. ATLUS have recently revealed the newest trailer for Soul Hackers 2 which shows a lot of brand new details about the game’s lore and characters.

Soul Hackers 2 Story Details, and New Character Profiles

The latest trailer for Soul Hackers 2 shows a lot of interesting details about the game and its world, including the antagonists, the Phantom Society, who are out to bring end to potentially bring end to the world. Along with that, the profiles of the characters on the official Soul Hackers website has been updated including various new entries.

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Ringo, the main protagonist’s profile has been updated to include a talk button where you can hear various details from her. Her profile, which is in Japanese, can be translated as:

“Aion’s agent. A newborn being, he has a strong curiosity about society, culture, and human emotions. Standing on the front line with Arrows and Devil Summoner, they struggle to avoid the end.”

The profiles for some of the other characters reads as follows:

Iron Mask:

“A devil summoner and the leader of Project C, a mysterious plan conducted by the Phantom Society. Ruthlessly pursues his goals. He always wears his mask and, even in the organization, few are those who ever saw his face.”


“An artificial demon who serves the Iron Mask. Good at fighting but has low intelligence. Following Iron Mask’s orders, he kills Onda and steals his red Covenant.”

Soul Hackers 2 comes out August 25th for the Xbox Series X/S, XBOX ONE, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. For the latest news on all new games, keep an eye out for our News Section!

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