Splitgate Raises $100 Million in Funding – Game To Remain Independent

1047 Games, the creators of Splitgate have just received $100 million in funding and have vowed to remain completely independent and will continue working on the game Splitgate seeding off its popularity.

Coming off, to everyone’s surprise, Splitgate has a peak of over 67k players on Steam according to Steamstats. As such, players were quite worried about the game being taken over by a larger, more money-hungry publisher. (EA anyone?)

The Future Of Splitgate

According to the company’s CEO, Ian Prolux, the company will not be sold to the big guys. Instead, with the massive sum of $100 million amassed, here are some of the changes that will be coming to Splitgate in the near future:

  • More frequent updates to Splitgate
  • More updates deriving from community feedback
  • Faster bug fixes
  • Support larger number of players
  • Come to more platforms

Moreover, the studio is already looking out for more talent to fill its ranks!

Moving On From Beta

While Splitgate still isn’t out of beta, the game has definitely grown on many. With its unique fast-paced Halo-Esque combat, it’s no wonder that many saw potential in the game.

With the expansion of the development team, we can expect the game’s roadmap to look a lot more cluttered in the upcoming months.

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Splitgate Release Date

As of yet, we still aren’t sure about the game’s eventual release date. However, we can expect an answer by the end of this month with an eventual release date planned for next year.

However, if things pick their pace up, we can expect the game to be me in a more polished state before the year ends.

With the game now having its future secured, will you finally be grinding Splitgate? Or are you waiting for its E-Sports scene to take into fruition? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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