Spore Warden + BrrZerker Build for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

There are many strong builds in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands but this one takes the cake in terms of damage and how fast you can clear out enemies. If you want to partake in the Chaos 20 Chamber, then going for the Spellshot / Graveborn build is ideal. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Spore Warden build to help you destroy any enemy standing in your way.

The best part about this build is that you can start taking advantage of it during the early game as well since the class is quite good thanks to various skills and other stuff. The more you play, the better this build will get. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ Spore Warden and BrrZerker build guide.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Best Spore Warden / BrrZerker Build

Spore Warden / BrrZerker Build Guide  | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

The Spore Warden is one of the six playable classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This build will allow you to maximize your gun damage and reduce Spell Cooldown. We will be making use of the Frost Damage alongside some skills that buff your companion. This will allow you to get revived in case your character dies.

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Hero Points

Spore Warden / BrrZerker Build Guide  | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Strength40/40+37.5% Crit Damage
Dexterity22+24.0% Crit Chance
Intelligence33+23.0% Spell Cooldown
Wisdom40+60.0% Status Damage
Constitution16+15.0% Max HP / Ward
Attunement12+2.0% Skill Cooldown

For Spore Warden,  the ideal stats would be to level up your Strength to have increased Crit Damage (+37.5% to be exact!) Also, alongside the crit damage, you should also level up your Wisdom to have more Status Damage as well.

Putting points into Intelligence is also crucial as it will improve your Spell Cooldown. Having a reduced Spell Cooldown will allow you to use more spells.

The remaining stats should be divided according to your playstyle. If you are having issues with HP, then level up Constitution. Otherwise, leveling Attunement will be good as it reduces the cooldown of your skills. However, as aforementioned, this is purely dependent on your playstyle so it is up to you.

Skill Tree

Spore Warden / BrrZerker Build Guide  | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

As for the first skill, you’ll want to go for Barrage. The main reason for this is because it will align perfectly with one of the Enchants that we will be using. Plus, due to this, it will synergize with the BrrZerker passive as well – Rage of the Ancients.

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Investing in Eagle Eye and maxing it will be useful as it increases your Gun Damage and handling as well. However, you can also go for the Kindred Heart as it increases your companion’s damage and HP by 45%. It really depends on your playstyle because both of these skills are quite beneficial.

Maxing Bounty of the Hunt is also a good idea as it increases the cooldown rate of action skills. After that, put some points into Bullseye to increase the gun critical hit chance and companion critical hit chance.

Maxing out Affinity is also a good path to choose as it will allow you to deal more ability damage. I prefer this over Bullseye early because the crit from Bullseye is negligible during that stage of the game. However, eventually, you will want to put points in it as well.

After the third tier and go straight to the Thrill of the Hunt in the fourth one. This will give you a chance to increase your companion’s damage with each gun’s critical hit. It stacks up to 10 total stacks with 15% damage per stack. That can total up to 150% of damage with max stacks, which is a great deal of damage dealt through companions.

Finally, putting as many points as you can in Wrath of Nature will help you out a lot as it increases the damage output from all sources. This will further enhance your companion’s damage which is one of the main focuses of this build alongside frost damage.

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In case you want to know about all the skills for the Spore Warden class, here they are:

  • BOUNTY OF THE HUNT: Action Skill Cooldown Rate is increased for a brief duration.
  • KINDRED HEART: Companion Health is increased. Companion Damage is increased.
  • EAGLE EYE: Gun Damage is increased. Gun Handling is increased.
  • AFFINITY: Ability Damage is increased.
  • SPORE CLOUD: Your Mushroom Companion will occasionally let one rip, Taunting enemies and leaving a Poison Cloud that deals damage over time.
  • BULLSEYE: Gun Critical Hit Chance is increased. Companion Critical Hit Chance is increased.
  • QUIVER OF HOLDING: Magazine Size is increased. The Fatemaker’s currently equipped weapon regenerates ammo over time.
  • MEDICINAL MUSHROOM: While the Fatemaker is in Save Your Soul, their Mushroom Companion will attempt to revive them. If it does, you and your Companion gain increased damage dealt for a duration.
  • WINDRUNNER: Increased Movement Speed and Fire Rate for a duration. This effect can stack.
  • THRILL OF THE HUNT: Gun Critical Hits grant increased Companion Damage for a duration. This effect can stack up to 10 times.
  • CALLED SHOT: While aiming down sights, the Fatemaker gains an ever-increasing amount of increased Gun Damage and Damage Reduction.
  • WRATH OF NATURE: Whenever the Fatemaker deals Ability Damage to an enemy, the affected enemy takes increased Damage from all sources for a duration.
  • HEADHUNTER: Gun Damage dealt to Critical Hit Areas is increased.
  • PLAY THE ANGLES: The Fatemaker’s Gun Critical Hits have a chance to Ricochet, dealing reduced Ability Damage to a nearby enemy. Ricocheted shots have a small chance to ricochet an additional time.

After maxing out the important ones, you can level up any of the above-mentioned skills according to your playstyle and what you think is great.

Secondary Class – BrrZerker

Spore Warden / BrrZerker Build Guide  | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Keep in mind that you cannot select a secondary class at the start of the game. You will have to progress through the story and complete the Emotion of the Ocean mission to get the option for multiclassing.

As for the secondary class, the BrrZerker is the best way to go when it comes to the Spore Warden build. The best part about this is that you can even choose this as your primary class but make sure that you put a lot of points in the Spore Warden class.

Going for Ancestral Frost and Ice Breaker is the best course of action as it increases your frost damage. Then, putting some points into The Old Ways is suggested as it reduces the damage intake.

You can also invest in Instinct to increase your overall reload speed. This is especially useful when combining it with Cold Snap to increase the movement speed.

Finally, you’ll want to invest some points in Relentless Rage to make sure that you buy yourselves enough time for the revive through the mushroom companion.

In case you want to know about all the skills for the BrrZerker class, here they are:

  • Ancestral Frost: Frost damage is increased.
  • Savagery: Increase melee damage and enrage duration.
  • Unyielding: Missing health regenerates over time.
  • Ice Breaker: Increased damage dealt with enemies that are slowed, with the damage increased the closer they are to being fully frozen.
  • The Old Ways: When close to an enemy, deal bonus damage and take less damage.
  • Instinct: Increased weapon swap and reload speed, with the effect doubled while enraged.
  • Cold Snap: Movement speed and frost efficiency are increased, doubled while enraged.
  • Unarmored Defense: Half of your ward is reserved, but your max health is increased by triple that amount.
  • Blood Frenzy: Whenever you get a kill the enraged timer is extended and health is restored.
  • Ancient Fury: Maximum health and area damage are increased.
  • Relentless Rage: Dealing damage while in the Save your Soul state extends the timer and getting a kill will cause you to become enraged.
  • Blast Chill: Whenever you deal melee damage, there is a chance to spawn a frost nova that deals damage.
  • Iron Squall: Fire rate and melee attack speed are increased, with the effect doubled while enraged.
  • Blood of the Fallen: Whenever you get a kill, reduce your active abilities cooldown. If your active ability is currently active, increase its duration.

After maxing out the important ones, you can level up any of the above-mentioned skills according to your playstyle and what you think is great.


When talking about equipment, you can use whatever suits you best. Since Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – just like Borderlands – gives you tons of freedom to choose your gear, there are limitless choices.


Overflow Bloodbag is a great choice for the Amulet for Spore Warden. It increases your maximum health from Dark Magic when your HP is full. This can make your character extremely strong, especially in the late game. Plus, if you get the right variant, you’ll have increased frost damage and BrrZerker power. This power also increases your frost damage so there’s that.


Spore Warden / BrrZerker Build Guide  | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Using the Spore Warden Enchant will allow you to have a 25% chance to cause an explosion after activating Barrage. Plus, the explosion deals about 30% of the damage as Poison Damage to all nearby enemies which is a great addition.


Spore Warden / BrrZerker Build Guide  | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

While you can use any Spell that you prefer, I’m using the Buffmeister. The ideal variant to get will be the frost one but regardless, this is a great spell. It increases your spell damage and slows all enemies hit by it. On top of that, it also increases the direct damage dealt to enemies.

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Spore Warden / BrrZerker Build Guide  | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

After trying out tons of shields/Wards, the Cursed Wit seems to be quite good as it increases the damage dealt when your Ward is depleted. Combine this shield with Mood Ring, and you’ll increase the damage even further whenever your Ward is not full.

This Ward is great with many builds due to giving amazing stats and the fact that it provides damage reduction alongside increased damage.

There you have it, that’s Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Spore Warden / BrrZerker. I would love to hear your thoughts about this build. Plus, let me know what build and class you are using in the comments below. Stay tuned for more Tiny Tina Wonderlands guides as well!

Alternatively, you can try out the Graveborn / Spore Warden build or the Stabbomancer / Clawbringer one if you plan to choose that class.

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