All New Features and Locations in Storm Point (Apex Legends)

Respawn Entertainment will be bringing a new map, Storm Point Apex Legends. Said to be the largest map the game has seen, Storm Point is to bring a lot of new content to the game. It will provide players with new mechanics such as Checkpoints, Flyers, Prowlers, and different areas that players can explore.

With iterations of the previous map often seen in new seasons, this is perhaps the first time we’ll be seeing such a major change in the game’s overall map. Due to its larger size, we can expect the map to stay for a few seasons, at least.

Apex Legends New Map: Storm Point

A recent announcement made by EA Games brought news of an entirely new map by the name Storm Point gracing Apex Legends in an upcoming update. The map is said to be 15% bigger than the largest existing map “World’s Edge”. Based on the size of the map, the new places announced to be a part of it certainly sound like a lot for players to explore and should keep them occupied for a fair amount of time.

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Storm Point: Features

The map is said to bring a lot, and we are going to go through everything we know in this list of features Storm Point is expected to bring. So buckle up, and let’s get started.

Gravity Cannons

With the Redeploy Balloons gone, Gravity Cannons take their place as a means to outrun the ring. As you step inside one of the rings, it will launch you in the air towards a pre-determined location. While in the air, you cannot control your landing spot, however, you can control the pitch of your flight allowing you control over where to land at the spot to avoid traps. You also have complete control of your weapons, grenades, tactical abilities, and ultimates while airborne.

Denizens Of Storm Point

On this map, you would have to keep a lookout for not only other players but also inhabitants of the island. As the place is crawling with wildlife, the likes of which you have never seen before. At different points on the map, you will come in contact with the nests of such wildlife. This is a new encounter incorporated in Storm Point as a means to keep players occupied while they look for others on this humongous map. While playing, you have a chance of coming across:

  • Prowlers: Agressive creatures that move in packs and can be found around the Prowler’s Den. When in contact with players they will first provide a warning to their uninvited guests that they are tresspassing. If you decide to ignore the warning, be prepared to fight a swarm of them as more will come out of the den to defend their territory.
  • Spiders: Littered all across the map, you will find spider eggs, which when disturbed will spawn a swarm of archnids that want nothing more then to eat you for lunch. These large creatures are ranged, web-spitting enemies that choose to engage with players from afar before sinking their teeth into them.
  • Flyers: These flying units are the bringer of amazing loots as they soar through the sky. They spawn individually across the map and the position of their spawn is selected at random from a list of predetermined locations.

Rewards Of The Hunt

Wildlife Nests are identified by the red markers on your minimap. They are static and finite, meaning every match they are always in the same place, with the same type of wildlife and only small variations in their numbers. Wildlife respects their Nests’ boundaries and is aggressive only to trespassers that enter into their domain. Although they pose a serious threat, clearing out a nest has its fair share of rewards as well.

  • Smart Loot Drops: On death, Prowlers and Spiders have a chance to drop attachments and ammo for your squad based on your weapon loadouts, in addition to a few consumables and other goodies.
  • EVO Points: A small percentage of all damage dealt to wildlife is rewarded towards your EVO Armor. This includes Flyers.
  • Crafting Materials: Clearing a Nest rewards a lump of crafting materials which are divided evenly among each squad member in the nest at time of completion.

New Areas

EA Games have also announced all the new areas that will be included in the new map. Here’s a list of all points of interest added:


barometer 1.png.adapt .1920w 1

The Barometer is located at the heart of the map and is filled with high-tier loot. Overlooked by a research tower, it makes for a very good vantage point, only if you are able to get ahold of it in the first place.

Command Center

command center below0 1.jpg.adapt .1920w 1

A massive complex rich in loot, the command center is built within a mountain. However, players are able to dive directly into the heart of the complex from the dropship. It is also an excellent method for getting to the top of the mountain securely by using a network of the longest ziplines in the game.

The Antenna

antenna 1.png.adapt .1920w 1

The Antenna is another high-tier drop location separated by catwalks positioned on a massive communication dish. You can slide down the catwalks and get to the bottom of the Antenna, where you’ll be able to use ziplines to get to the center of the map.


checkpoint0.jpg.adapt .1920w

Checkpoints bring an interesting new way of disengaging from a fight. If you get overwhelmed, just jump down the platform to reset the fight, however, remember your enemies can do the same.

Lightening Rod

Divided into two parts, the lightning rod is the highest point on the map, located on the peak of the mountain. The two parts of the rods are joined with the help of a focused and intense bridge.

Storm Catcher

storm catcher0 1.jpg.adapt .1920w 1

An interior location with a focus on close-quarter combat, the Storm Catcher would be hope to epic battles, and even more epic loot.

North Pad

northpad0.jpg.adapt .1920w

The North Pad is a launch site containing a network of trenches that allow safe passage over a hill range. The trenches are separated by a series of bunkers and watchpoints filled with loot.

The Mill

mill est00000.jpg.adapt .1920w

The Mill is the easternmost region of the map and is filled with high-value loot. It also gives passageways to enter the central river.


shipfall0.jpg.adapt .1920w

The crash site is the only thing that remains of the original survivors of Storm Point. Failing to best the tests of time, the engine section is the only part of it that remains intact and is a stronghold if you can fight your way through it.

Cenote Cave

cenote0.jpg.adapt .1920w

The southernmost western corner of the map is house to a natural maze formed by coral reefs, filled with high-tier loot and power positions called the Cenote Cave. It also acts as an important point between the barometer and the entire western part of the map.

The Wall

The divider that has separated the northern beach from the mountains. The Wall is a hotspot for combat as it’s an open space filled with amazing loot. It also acts as a chokepoint for two major regions of the map.


The only Redeploy Balloon on the map is located at the Highpoint. It sits on top of the longest mountain on the map and is a vital chokepoint against people looking to transverse the mountain. However, with keen observation, you may find tunnels that allow you to move around it.

Thunder Watch

Another interior area focusing heavily upon close-quarter combat, the Thunder Watch is a gateway on top of the mountain. There is a gravity cannon placed here allowing for quick access out from the bottom of the mountain if needed.

Cascade Falls

Nature meets urbanization with Cascade Falls as it is a place where a large number of buildings are placed near a waterfall. This place acts as a focal point for the map due to its proximity to the center making it one of the most frequented points of interest.

Launch Site

Sitting in an alcove at the river’s end, the Launch Site is a large area standing out due to the presence of two distinct landing zones: the outstretched landing pad and the control building. Landing at one of these sites would allow you access to high-tier loot while you make your way to the control building.

Fish Farms

The Fish Farms are a chain of islands separated by open waters with a clean separation between lootable regions. Cross the waters with caution or just get your hands on a trident that allows you to hover alongside the waterways.

Gale Station

Gale Station acts as a divider between the island’s center and the southern section. Considered to be a twin looting region to the Fish Farms, the Gale Station might be lacking in quantity, but makes up for it in quality.

So there you have it, that’s all we know of the upcoming map making its way to Apex Legends. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below.

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