Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 13.0.1 Update: Release Date and Time

Nintendo has just announced the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update 13.0.1 and we have the complete details for your reading pleasure. This update will focus on fighter balancing changes and other bug fixes to improve the state of the game.

The update will be available globally on all regional variants of the Nintendo Switch. As of yet, we still do not have information about the file size of the update. You can find all the relevant information for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update 13.0.1 down below.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update 13.0.1

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update 13.0.1 Announced

Nintendo just announced the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update that focuses on fighter adjustments, bug fixes, and stability improvements. This update will improve upon the previously released update 13.0.0 Once the patch goes live, we will update you with the full patch notes to show you all the changes made to the game.

Furthermore, Nintendo has announced that players will not be able to see their replays from previous versions once this update drops. To avoid this problem, make sure to follow the steps provided by Nintendo and save your replays in this newest update:

  • Launch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Open Vault
  • Go to Replays
  • Select Replay Data
  • Convert your replay before updating to the new version

This will be the final update to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that will focus on fighter adjustment. We can assume that this update will buff/nerf various fighters to make them more playable. As soon as we get the full patch notes, we will update you with all the details. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the update so far and are you excited about it or not.

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