Is The House of The Dead Remake on PC?

The House of The Dead Franchise is one of the most prestigious franchises in the gaming medium. The games are a series of horror light-gun shooters where you gun down hordes of zombies and various other mutated monsters. The House of The Dead series started in 1996 with the original game which initially came out on the SEGA Model 2 Arcade Machine and was later ported to PC and SEGA Saturn.

For the past 2 decades, the only way to play The House of The Dead 1 was to either hunt down an old CD for the game or play it through Sega Saturn. The games are basically abandonware at this point but players who would download the game today will find that the PC port of the game actually doesn’t have any working music.

The House Of The Dead Remake – What To Expect?

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The ports to the Sega Saturn and the PC were very lazy with significantly worse visual and sound quality of the original Arcade release. While the Sega Saturn version is the worst version of the game, the PC still has the advantage of mouse aiming and some new fun modes not present in the Arcade release such as the ability to play with different characters and a boss mode that lets you fight any of the game’s bosses.

The only way to actually play The House of The Dead 1 has been through these ports until now with the release of The House of The Dead Remake which is a full remake made entirely from scratch. This port was developed by Future Entertainment who were also responsible for working on the Panzer Dragoon Remake for the Nintendo Switch.

Is The House of The Dead Remake on PC?

No, The House of The Dead Remake is currently exclusive to the Nintendo Switch with no confirmed release date for a PC or Next-gen console release.

It has been mentioned that the game will eventually come out on platforms besides the Nintendo Switch, but for now the Switch remains the only way to play the remake of this classic rail-shooter.

The House of The Dead Remake came out April 7 to a very mixed reception from critics and gamers alike. Many cited its poor performance, dated graphics, very janky controls and a severe lack of content as huge flaws for the game. The game has also received praise for its faithfulness to the original game, its satisfying gunplay and the new systems added to the remake that lets the players use different weapons after they manage to save all of the scientists in a single run.

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For players who want to play The House of The Dead on PC, I highly recommend downloading a Model 2 Emulator and downloading a ROM for the game since the original release is basically abandonware at this point. The original Arcade release still remains as the best and most faithful way to experience this classic Light gun experience.

We hope the issues present in The House of The Dead Remake will be fixed in due time and a PC/Next-gen console release will be announced soon. Developer Forever Entertainment have also confirmed that a remake for the fan-favorite The House of The Dead 2 is also currently in development.

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