The Purge EU Series for Call of Duty: Mobile | 10-11 October 2020

The Purge EU Series is first of the four tournaments planned by The Purge and NiceCactus. The top two teams from each series will compete in the Call of Duty: Mobile EU Pro League with the top eight teams of Europe which qualified for stage 4 of COD Mobile World Championship.

Nicecactus is an esports platform for players who want to improve performance with training programs, track stats and compete in tournaments to win cash prizes.

There were 60/64 teams that registered for the tournament. After 1/64 and 1/32 finals we’ll be having the 1/16 finals on 10th of October at 8 PM UTC. It will be livestreamed as well. You’ll be able to find the live stream links on Nicecactus and on Facebook and Twitter page of The Purge Tournament.

The Purge EU Series COD Mobile
The Purge EU Series for Call of Duty: Mobile

Tournament Format

  • The tournament features a single elimination bracket of 64 teams.
  • It’ll be a Best-of-5 series between the teams. Whoever wins three games will advance to the next round.

Game Modes and Maps

  • Game 1: Hardpoint on Standoff
  • Game 2: Search and Destroy on Meltdown
  • Game 3: Domination on Firing Range
  • Game 4: Hardpoint on Crash
  • Game 5: Search and Destroy on Crossfire


  • 1/16 finals on 10th of October at 6 PM UTC.
  • Quarter finals on 10th of October at 8 PM UTC.
  • Semifinals on 11th of October at 6 PM UTC.
  • Grand Final on 11 of October at 8 PM UTC


The tournament follows the rules of COD Mobile World Championship, so, every weapon, skin, lethal, operator skill etc are allowed.

Prize Distribution

The tournament has a prize money of 500 Euros, set to be distributed according to the following criteria.

  • 1st Place: 300 Euros
  • 2nd Place: 150 Euros
  • 3rd Place: 50 Euros

The Purge series is going to give a huge chance to some of the more underrated teams of EU, to make it to the top. The Pro League will start after all 4 of the Purge EU Series end. And there’s no doubt that it’ll be one the most competitive COD Mobile tournaments of Europe.

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