Top 5 Among Us Streamers on Twitch You Should Watch Right Now

Among Us is the newest gaming sensation that has absolutely rocked Twitch! There are currently about 50-300k viewers watching the game on the popular streaming site at any given time. This is more than most established titles such as Valorant and Dota 2. A lot of popular streamers have jumped onto the game as well. Today, we’re going to be talking about our five favorites Twitch Among Us streamers.

Among Us streamers generally are variety streamers. In essence, these are individuals who don’t stick to one particular game or genre but rather play whatever they want to play. These streamers generally aren’t the best at the game but they are certainly usually the most entertaining to watch.

Top 5 Among Us Streamers

Our list of Top 5 Among Us streamers includes people who you might have already heard of and newer streamers who are still relatively new to the industry and streaming scene in general. However, all 5 of these gamers have different personalities and ways of playing the game. The thing that’s common between all of them is their entertainment value!

So, here is our list of the best Among Us streamers:

1. Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast - Best Among Us Streamer

Okay, so hear us out, we know Toast isn’t a regular streamer and usually does not upload his VoD on Twitch. But, we still think he is the most entertaining streamer in this list. He records most of his game-play off the stream and you can find most of his content highlights on his YouTube channel.

His gameplay is methodical, to say the least, and is arguably the best Crewmate and Impostor when it comes to people streaming. He’s uploaded a lot of his insane plays on YouTube. Plus! He streams with a lot of other streamers in this list, so you’ll surely find quality content.

2. xQc

xQc Among Us Streamer

Ah yes, the infamous king of Twitch. His gameplay is twitchy and chaotic and his personality might seem aggressive to most. But, it’s the entertainment value in his stream that takes him off the charts. He’s funny, really good at the game and more importantly is extremely goofy at times.

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xQc’s competitive side while it may seem a bit too overwhelming for some, it actually adds a lot of competition and suspense to the game which is otherwise quite monotonous except when it is discussion time.

xQc’s Twitch

3. Ninja

Ninja - Best Among Us Streamer

The Fortnite streamer who took the world by storm. Ninja has recently moved on to variety streaming and now plays a little bit of everything as his audience has seemingly grown and matured a bit since the last time he was in the spotlight. He usually streams with xQc and takes the game much more casually than most of the people on the list.

Ninja keeps the game fun and simple goofing off in most games and doing things in a much more light-hearted manner. His synergy with Toast and xQc is quite funny to watch when they’re in a lobby manner as their personalities are polar opposites of each other.

4. TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman - Best Among Us Streamer

TimTheTatman occasionally streams Among Us. But, when he does, it is absolutely hilarious. He is arguably one of the most entertaining streamers on Twitch or on YouTube. His gameplay is quite unique and you will always laugh in his streams.

Tim is also quite reasonable at the game and usually plays with his friends which is a welcome change of pace sometimes as the interactions feel more genuine.

5. Pokimane

Pokimane - Best Among Us Streamer

Pokimane has an entirely different way to play the game than anyone else in the list. She’s not the best at the game but she does make some good plays once in a while. She too is a part of the same lobby as xQc and Toast.

Pokimane’s stream is usually aimed at a much more casual audience and they tend to have a friendlier chat than most other streamers. She also is a relatively newer player as well so she lacks the experience a lot of the streamers in this list have which makes her fun to watch.

This concludes our list on the top 5 Among Us streamers on Twitch. Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments down below!

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