How to Customize your Character in Among Us

Here is a guide on how you can customize your Among Us character in the game. Among Us has taken the gaming world by storm with its unique premise amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been developed and designed by a small indie studio who have put a lot of love and effort into the game’s overall design. One such element they’ve paid a lot of attention to is character customization. Today, we’re going to be showing you how you can customize your character in Among Us.

Your favorite jellybean can look a lot cuter with the addition of a proper outfit and a loving pet! These pets and outfits cost real-life currency and they can vary in price to up to 3$ for the most expensive option.

How to Customize Among Us Character

Customizing your character in Among Us is quite simple. However, with the large variety of options, the developers have provided, it sure does take a lot of time to get everything up to a decent level. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to customize your character in Among Us.

All skins and hates on the paid PC version are free, but you still have to buy pets. On the mobile version, however, only some hats and skins are free and you have to pay for most.

  • Open the game
  • Go to the “Local” option
  • Click on “Create Game”
  • Go near to the laptop present
  • Select customize

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Character Customization Options

There are three main ways you can customize your character in Among Us. Your color, hat and skin. As stated before, for the mobile version, anything except color must be paid for. These changes are purely cosmetic and will not change anything about the game itself.

Note: Having a hat on makes it easier for players to see you vent as an Impostor (makes your character larger.)

Color Customization

Among Us Color Customization

Color Customization is available for everyone in the game. Only one player can select a color at a time from a total of 10 available colors. They are allocated randomly at the start of the game or you are given the same color you had on in the previous game if no one else is using it. They are the primary way to distinguish between each player in Among Us.

Hat Customization

Hat Customization

Hat customization is an iconic way for you to have your character stand out from the bunch. There is a much larger variety of hats and masks available in the game as compared to outfits and colors. So, customize to your heart’s content.

BTW, always wear party hats when someone says its their birthday. Its fun!

Skin / Outfit Customization

Among Us Outfit Customization

Outfits are the bread and butter of your final look. You can either look extremely sharp with a classy-white suit or look like a killer with a long trenchcoat. The choice is yours. Almost all of the outfits must be bought though, beware!

Getting Pets In Among Us

Pets are cute little critters that follow you around and look traumatically sad when you eventually get killed. They are purchasable and usually come in bundles. Pets can be bought by clicking the shop icon. Here is a list of all the pets currently available in the game and their special characteristics:

Bedcrab Pet Bundle (2.99$)

Squig slightly bobs from side to side. Bedcrab’s body bobs up and down. He is a reference to the head-crab from the half-life series.

Brainslug Pet Bundle (2.99$)

Brainslug jiggles up and down and is a reference to the slug from “Futurama.” The UFO hovers up and down with its light flashing.

Hamster Pet Bundle (2.99$)

The dog wags its tail and its mouth moves up and down. The hamster stays still inside a light blue and very clear ball.

Mini Crewmate Bundle (2.99$)

Our personal favorite, the mini crewmate is an exact replica of the player. It even matches their color! The Robot is a small Wall-E like character whose head tilts up and down sometimes.

Stickmin Pet Bundle (2.99$)

Henry and Elite are both references to the Henry Stickmin series.

This concludes our step-by-step guide on how you can customize your character! Stay tuned for more Among Us related. In the meanwhile, get your fix from these articles!

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