Battlefield 2042: How to Unlock all Weapons

Fans of the Battlefield series cannot get enough of its explosive action, fast-paced gameplay, and tons of weapons. This year’s entry – Battlefield 2042 – enhances all those aspects. Not only is the gameplay interesting, but there are also dozens of weapons in the game with more to be added via DLC. Let’s find out how to unlock all weapons in Battlefield 2042.

When you begin your journey in Battlefield 2042, you won’t have access to all the guns. There are a few things that you have to do in order to get all the arsenal in your inventory. Having a total of 22 weapons, let’s see how to unlock all these weapons in Battlefield 2042. In case you missed our previous important guides, check out the best graphics settings guide and a list of some known issues in the game.

Unlock All Weapons in Battlefield 2042

Out of all the weapons, some are already unlocked from the start but others are locked. This guide will not only tell you how to unlock all the weapons but also show you every weapon present in the game. To get the most of these weapons, make sure that you have the best sensitivity settings. With that said, let’s get right into it!

Assault Rifles

How to Unlock All Weapons in Battlefield 2042

If you are a fan of playing with Assault Specialists, you’ll want to know how you can get every assault rifle in the game. They are probably the most popular guns in FPS games and it is no different in Battlefield 2042. Here is how you unlock all the assault rifles:

Assault RifleHow to Unlock
M5A3Already unlocked
AK-24Reach level 11
SFAR-M GLReach level 27
AC-42Reach level 40

Marksman Rifles

Marksman Rifles

These types of rifles usually have a modern scope attached on top of them and are generally used to deal with targets at a short-medium range. There are a total of three marksman rifles in Battlefield 2042 currently and here’s how to unlock them all:

Marksman Rifles How to Unlock
DM7Already unlocked
SVKReach level 14
VCARReach level 47

Light Machine Guns

How to Unlock All Weapons in Battlefield 2042

Light machine guns are highly effective at suppering enemy targets. You can find a suitable location and hold your ground by unloading your entire magazine on the enemy. These are automatic weapons that shred through enemy armor without any problem. Let’s see how you can unlock them:

Light Machine Guns How to Unlock
LCMGReach level 3
PKP-BPReach level 32

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles

Many players prefer using the sniper rifle due to the sheer amount of satisfaction after getting a long-range headshot. Sniper rifles are long-range weapons that are highly precise and deal an insane amount of damage. They are reliable, accurate, and the enemy won’t even see you in most cases. Find a good hiding spot and check out how you can get all the sniper rifles:

Sniper Rifles How to Unlock
SWS-10Already unlocked
DXR-1Reach level 24
NTW-50Reach level 60

Secondary Weapons

Secondary Weapons

There are a total of three secondary weapons in Battlefield 2042 and all of them are pretty good. These weapons are fast and have a short range to deal with targets that get too close. It is always quicker to switch to your secondary than to reload. Here are all the secondary weapons in Battlefield 2042:

Secondary Weapons How to Unlock
G57Already unlocked
MP28Reach level 17
M44Reach level 29

Submachine Guns

How to Unlock All Weapons in Battlefield 2042

Submachine guns are just as fast as machine guns but have significantly less firepower. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can use these weapons at a close range to destroy anyone standing in your way.

Submachine Guns How to Unlock
PBX-45Already unlocked
PP-29Reach level 18
MP9Reach level 36
K30Reach level 53

Utility Weapons

How to Unlock All Weapons in Battlefield 2042

Utility weapons are dependant on the situation and your playstyle. These include shotguns and a marksman rifle – the GVT 45-70. Some of these weapons are extremely strong especially in the current meta of the game. So, make sure to check out how you can unlock them all:

Utility WeaponsHow to Unlock
MCS-880Reach level 7
GVT 45-70Reach level 21
12M AUTOReach level 44

Hopefully, this guide helped you in understanding how you can unlock all the weapons in Battlefield 2042. Since all of them require a certain level, just keep playing the game, and eventually, you’ll unlock them all. Let us know in the comments below which weapon is your favorite and have you unlocked them all?

If you are facing any server issues, make sure to check out the server status and fix for lag and connection issues. Your last resort is to reach out to EA Support for help if the problems persist!

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