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PUBG Mobile - Metro Royale

PUBG Mobile Season 16 is up and running, and there are some new events which offer a variety of rewards. Metro Royale is seeing a new event which will be a crossover with Metro Exodus which came into the game on 10th of November. The event will be rewarding you with Globetrotter and Soccer Sets, which contain some cool outfit skins to add to your collection.

In this article, we will give you the details about how you can get the rewards from the latest event in PUBG Mobile.

Three skins can be unlocked by completing the challenges. The Globetrotter set will provide a yellow and white winter suit outfit, whereas, the soccer suits will provide two summer outfits in the colors, red and blue.

Apart from these skins, you can also get a soccer headgear, but it is not as easy to get as it sounds.

Globetrotter and soccer sets event in PUBG Mobile

You need to claim tokens from Winter Soccer Champs and Metro Royale challenges to redeem the outfit skins and headgear. Although the current challenges reset daily, there is a high chance that we might see another set of challenges coming to the game with it’s own unique rewards.

Having said that, let’s take a look at how you can earn the tokens to redeem the desired skins.

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How to Unlock Globetrotter Set in PUBG Mobile

You can buy all the rewards of the globetrotter set with 10 casings/tokens. However, there is a special fire-themed Uzi skin which you can also get with 15 casings.

  • Send three hearts (Chicken) to friends: one casing
  • Complete one Classic match: one casing
  • Complete three Classic matches: two casings
  • Revive teammates one time: one casing
  • Kill five enemies: two casings

The last day to complete these challenges is 7th of December.

How to Unlock the Soccer Set in PUBG Mobile

The soccer sets have a football trophy in the form of their token. You would be requiring 6 football trophies for each set, whereas the headgear will need 36 trophies to unlock.

  • Survive for 15 minutes: one trophy
  • Complete one match while in a group with friends: two trophies
  • Complete two matches while in a group with friends: two trophies
  • Log into the game: one trophy

These challenges will end of 14th of December.

This was our guide about getting the globetrotter and soccer sets in PUBG Mobile. There is still a lot of time left to complete the challenges and get the exclusive rewards, so you have a great chance of unlocking them.

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