How To Unlock The Executioner In Hunt: Showdown?


Hunt: Showdown recently received a big Halloween update featuring the biggest event of the year, The Harvest. The update brought along a lot of new content and amongst them was the new legendary weapon, battle axe: The Executioner. The sharp battle-axe, said to carve through flesh like butter, is now up for grabs, and a little grind can let you get ahold of it.

The event is available till November 9 and will continue to provide players with exclusive content throughout the event. The event has a new character, weapon, and a lot more which can be unlocked by collecting event coins. But fret not, as in the next section we have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to get your hands on new content, specifically, The Executioner.

How To Get The Executioner In Hunt: Showdown?

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The Executioner battle-axe is available during the event, and you can redeem it after collecting 200 event points. Event points can be collected by completing trivial tasks, which are as follows.

  • Destroying pumpkins scattered through the map (2 Event Points)
  • Destroy Pumpkins near the Spider and the Assassin’s Lairs (2 Event points)
  • Destroy Scrapbeak’s dropped pumpkins (2 Event Points)
  • Destroying scarecrows (3 Event Points)
  • Loot Hunter Corpses (4 Event Points)
  • Destroying the Butcher’s pumpkin head (6 Event points)

You can further increase the number of event points by equipping a Wormseed Shot. The quality of the Wormseed Shot equipped can enhance the number of event points you get, i.e, you can equip a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Wormseed Shot, and use one to increase the number of Event Points earned in that match by 15%, 25%, and 50% respectively.

The Harvest event has brought a breath of fresh air and we have been grinding event points. How many have you collected? Let us know in the comments!

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