Valheim Official 2021 Update Roadmap and Schedule

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Valheim has turned into a quick hit as soon as it has arrived as an Early Access game on Steam. The viking inspired game has quickly hit over 2 million sales in a concise time span. Players have been surprised with the amount of content and polish packed into this Indie game. While Irongate is still overwhelmed by the response their game has gotten, here’s everything you need to know about their officially released Update Roadmap for 2021 alongside their rumoured schedule.

Currently, three major updates for the game have been confirmed for 2021. This roadmap does not include hotfixes and smaller patches. So, you can expect pesky bugs to be patched up much quicker. Since the game is currently developed by a team of just 5 passionate developers, you can expect their response to be quite slow due to their huge increase in popularity.

Valheim Update Schedule and Roadmap

Currently, the game features 5 bosses with a lot of content hidden underneath the 8 explore-able biomes. With raids, intricate building mechanics and captivating visuals packed in such a small sized package, you can expect the developers to be introducing a lot more as the game gets even more popular.

Here is a list of all the upcoming new content roadmap and official Valheim update schedule:

No.Update NameRelease Schedule
1Hearth and HomeApril 2021
2Cult of the WolfJune 2021
3Ships and The SeaAugust 2021
4MistlandsOctober 2021

You can find more details about the above updates below.

Hearth and Home

valheim hearth and stone update 2021

The first major update of the game, Valheim’s developers aim to improve your home building experience and lifestyle. By adding many more building options and increasing the dietary variety currently available in the game, players will now have access to a lot more food recipes. Moreover, farming and cultivation will be an important aspect of the game, with vegetable seeds added for players to grow and harvest.

More advanced cooking recipes will be available for players as you progress. Moreover, the three meal limit will be altered significantly allowing for much greater health and stamina gauges. The increased health and stamina will be necessary as tougher Nordic bosses will slowly be added to the game.

Cult of the Wolf

valheim cult of the wolf update 2021

After the first major update, Iron Gate aims to focus more on exploration after you are done with constructing your perfect abode. Therefore, you can expect a few changes and tweaks done to the combat system alongside the addition of new things you can do in your biome. Judging by the name, we can expect something wolf-related to be a part of the update.

However, the developers have not yet announced anything specific about this update.

Ships and The Sea

valheim ships and the seas update 2021

Players who are fond of the game’s naval aspect should be pleased to know that the Ships and Sea update’s sole focus will be making the procedurally generated sea much more interesting. The only two big monsters you will encounter at sea in the game are the serpent and the Kraken. Rather than harvesting barnacles, you cannot really do a lot with them.

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While fishing already exists in the game, the mechanic still lacks polish and is not as refined as other aspects of the game. So, the Ships and The Sea update aims to fix that while also giving players a reason or objective to explore the open, dangerous sea.


valheim mistlands update 2021

The final update that will be coming out for the game in 2021 will be the Mistlands update. Currently, the Mistlands biome is completely barren, with no mobs or resources in a particular region. We can expect the entire mob to be filled with tough mobs and new resources. Currently, the biome is completely gloomy and filled with webbed trees.

The biome’s theme indicates that there might be a lot of arachnids and spiders being added to the biome. The integration of a new proper biome also means a new boss will also be added to Valheim.

While all of these updates will add a lot of content to the game, the Mistlands update is rumoured to be the largest update to Valheim according to its update roadmap. Have you started playing the game? Let us know in the comments down below.

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