Warframe “The New War” Cinematic Trailer Reveals Release Date

Its been a good month for the gaming community as more and more amazing news keeps on being dropped, with the latest addition being the release of Warframe “The New War” Cinematic trailer that might have provided us with a few hints about when we can expect the game to be released.

Warframe franchise has been one of the most accomplished when it comes to the Action RPG genre with a dominant Looter Shooter gameplay, however, it has been a while since fans have been able to get their hands on a new title from the franchise. So, as the news around the release of the upcoming title gets dropped, it’s to be expected that we got a little excited and couldn’t wait to bring you guys the news!

“The New War” Cinematic Trailer

Before we start talking about all the things that have been added to the game, let us just look at the masterful trailer the developers have just dropped and how amazing it looks:

Going through the trailer, what can we say besides it looking absolutely stunning. If the game that comes out looks even remotely as good as this trailer, we’re hooked.

Warframe The New War: Release Date

According to a recent post made by the official developers at Warframe, the game is to come out on all supported platforms on December 15. This is massive news as, if you think about it, the game is only 2 weeks away from us. Now, we are usually very composed with new releases but this one is something we can’t help but get excited about. LET THE WAIT COMMENCE!

Upcoming Features And Content

The game is said to come out with a lot of never-before-seen content to reward players who have been patiently waiting for the release of a new game. Here is a list of all the new things you can expect in the upcoming title:

  • New Playable Characters
  • The Lotus Reveals Its True Form
  • New Sentinel Enemies
  • New Warframe Enters The Fray: Caliban

How To Unlock The New War Content?

Players can jump into the game and take part in the Prime Resurgence event to get access to some of the rarest and iconic Warframes and gears. However, the event will stick around for a limited time only so be sure to get to it as soon as possible.

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So are you excited about the upcoming Warframe game coming out on December 15? Let us know in the comment section below.

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