Call of Duty: Warzone Players Unable To Equip Ghost Skin, Developers Investigate

unable to equip ghost skin

With the latest Warzone Update coming out only a few hours ago, our post was filled up with comments regarding why players were unable to equip the Ghost Skin on their character. Well, Raven Software has seemed to take notice and have mentioned that they were investigating the issue.

As of yet, it seems like there is no official statement from the developers as to when the issue will be fixed. However, there might be a hotfix coming out later in the night or in the early morning depending on where you are living. But, hold tight! You’ll be able to equip your skin soon.

Unable to Equip Ghost Skin in Warzone

The issue seems to have sporadically sprung up after the aforementioned Warzone update that primarily was a Playlist update and brought in a couple of bug fixes. We aren’t sure as to why this issue has popped up seemingly out of nowhere.

Here’s what the developers had to say:

When do you think this issue will be fixed? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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