What Items Can Be Sold In Dying Light 2?

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Dying Light 2 requires players to manage their resources. Here people treat things differently and what seems to be trash can be treasure for someone else. So let’s look at some of the items that we can get rid of to make a good chunk of change.

If you are like me and just pick up everything in sight you won’t even know how many valuable items you have gathered. These items are wasted in the inventory and can be put to good use to acquire the finer things in this hellish life.

What Items to Sell in Dying Light 2?

With so many items thrown about this city, you can easily forget the sheer number of wealth you’ve amassed. Each merchant gives you the option to sell and when you want to sell you are confused whether the items are useful in crafting or for any future need.

So here are the items that you can safely sell to any merchant:


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Items marked as valuables in your inventory can be sold without hesitation. Items like GRE Rations, Morphine, Smartphones, Sunday Shoes, and other luxuries that sound somewhat important but are just valuable junk.

Outfit Pieces

Dying Light 2 Selling Items For Money
Unused outfit items

As you scavenge the wasteland you’ll come across many items to wear. Switching to better rarities can leave those low-level items accumulating in your inventory which is a waste. Later on, once you start receiving purple-level items you’ll have a lot of blues and greens in your inventory too. Start selling these off cause as these can hinder your progress in the long run.


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As with the outfits mentioned above weapons too are in abundance and higher rarities dispose of those dead freaks more effectively. So what about those low-level weapons rotting away in your backpack especially those which are broken? Sell them as they free up space in your invention.

Money is hard to come by in Dying Light 2 and any opportunity to make some cash should be utilized. Who would have known even in apocalyptic world money has value! So, let us know in the comments how much money you were able to make using this method? For more guides on Dying light 2 visit our guide section.

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