What’s New in Aliens Fireteam Elite Season 3 Lancer Update?

The latest season of Aliens: Fireteam Elite is here and there are tons of new things being added to the game. From weapons to perks, and much more. If you are curious to know about what’s being added to the game, here is everything new in Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 3: Lancer.

If you want to stay ahead of your opponents, you will want to check out all the new features being added to the game. There are some interesting things while some of them can be questionable. However, needless to say, I’m extremely excited to try out all of these weapons and perks to see which one suits me the best. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at what’s new in Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 3: Lancer.

If you are planning to pick up the game for the first time or just are curious to find out about all the major additions coming to the game, worry not because we’ve got you covered. We will take a look at all the new Perks and explain what they do. Plus, we’ll talk about all the new weapons as well. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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New Perks

Aliens Fireteam Elite Season 3 New Perks

Season 3 introduces various new perks that will help you take on the enemy without any problems. There are 15 new Perks being added from which 3 can be used for all classes while the remaining are 2 for each class.

You can purchase most of these perks from staff sergeant Park at the Armory. However, there are a few that are tucked away in hidden map caches which you’ll have to find.

Armory Perks

The following Aliens: Fireteam Elite Perks can be purchased at any time after the Season 3 update:

  • Reactive Charges (Demolisher). Getting hit by a melee attack triggers a concussive blast, knocking back all enemies around. This can only trigger once every 30 seconds.
  • Doctor’s Orders (Doc). Your weapons get a 5% damage and handling buff for each squad member at or above 75% health, including yourself.
  • Overwhelming Fire (Gunner). If you deal damage against an enemy with five stacks of Focus Fire, they will be briefly stunned. This can only occur once every 30 seconds against the same target, which effectively means you get to stun each heavy and elite enemy exactly once.
  • Take a Stand (Phalanx). You deal 3% more damage for each nearby enemy.
  • Combined Arms Tactics (Recon). All allies have 20% increased reload speed, handling, and range while both of your abilities are active at the same time.
  • Parasocial Relationship (Technician). Your weapons deal 20% more damage to enemies your turret has recently damaged.
  • Jackpot (universal). Your weapon is instantly reloaded after killing any elite or heavy enemy.
  • Hold Still (universal). You deal 30% bonus damage to enemies that are grappling allies.
  • Hazard Seals (universal). You take 25% less damage from acid pools and all other environmental hazards, including Synthetic explosions and land mines.

Hidden Perks

The following new Aliens: Fireteam Elite Perks are only found in Hidden caches around the maps:

  • Braced for Launch (Demolisher). For three seconds after activating Microrockets, you cannot be stunned, stumbled, or knocked down, and you take 40% less damage.
  • Charitable Glow (Doc) Combat Stims now also increases your damage by 15%. This Perk is a no-brainer for Doc players, as Combat Stims can be buffed to have near-constant uptime.
  • Stopwatch (Gunner). While Overclock is on cooldown, you gain 20% of its unmodified effect.
  • Combat Inertia (Phalanx). Each time you kill an enemy, the damage of your next melee attack is increased by 100%, stacking up to five times. This Perk was the missing piece that would finally let Aliens: Fireteam Elite players use a pure melee build.
  • Chain Reaction (Recon). Killing an enemy increases the damage of your next shot by 30%.
  • Maximized Retention (Technician). When an enemy enters the area of effect of one of your Charged Coils, there is a 33% chance they would be stunned for two seconds.

New Weapons

Aliens Fireteam Elite Season 3 New Weapons

There are a total of four new weapons being added to the game in this latest update. Since we haven’t tried them all, we can’t say which one is the best right now. However, from the looks of it, I feel that the X1 Fireball and X45 Bombard will be great weapon choices.

X1 Fireball

X1 Fireball in Aliens Fireteam Elite Season 3

The X1 Fireball does an insane 900 damage and deals an additional 150% damage to weak spots; making it one of the highest damage dealing weapons in Aliens: Fireteam Elite. On top of that, it has a stumble chance of 23% which is always a welcomed addition. Not only that but it also shoots fireball projectiles that deal an area of effect damage to all enemies in a radius.

This is an excellent weapon in tight areas as it can melt through enemies in an instant and the damage falloff is non-existant, especially at the 100 meter range. However, the recoil and accuracy of this weapon isn’t the best so you’ll have to keep that in mind. Given the stats, I’d say that this is a great weapon that can destroy enemies while not being overpowered.

M41E4 Heavy Pulse Rifle

M41E4 Heavy Pulse Rifle in Aliens Fireteam Elite Season 3

The damage on this bad boy is insane. You’ll be dealing 450 damage and an additional 150% to weak points. However, to balance it out, the fire rate is quite slow and the stability isn’t the best. This means that you’ll be dealing with terrible recoil and will have to really align your shots.

However, the accuracy is decent and the best part is that it even deals great damage to far away targets. Holding 50 bullets in its magazine, this is the first standard machine gun brought to the Heavy space. After taking a look at the stats, this just might be one of the best weapons present in the game right now.

X45 Bombard

X45 Bombard in Aliens Fireteam Elite Season 3

As you can see in the image above, this gun has great damage, amazing reload time, good stability, and precise accuracy. This is probably one of the best guns that is being added to the game. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about dealing less damage to far away targets thanks to its raw power.

Plus, it deals 265% additional damage to weak points and can hold up top 40 bullets in its magazine. Not only that but it also looks superb and quite intimidating.

Mark 7 Mod 2 CQB Pistol

Mark 7 Mod 2 CQB Pistol in Aliens Fireteam Elite Season 3

The Mark 7 is an automatic burst SMG that deals a lot of damage in quick succession. However, to balance it out, the stability and accuracy isn’t the best. Plus, the farther your target is, the more the damage will fall off.

However, it deals about 150% additional damage to weak points and can hold 48 bullets in its magazine. The best part is that the reload time is quite less which means that you can spend more time in combat rather than hiding and reloading.

That’s everything new coming to Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 3. We would love to hear your thoughts on the new weapons and the new Perks as well. Let us know in the comments below what weapon and Perk you found to be the best.

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