When will Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 2021 Start?

Call of Duty: Mobile releases a new season every month, and they have been doing so for the last one year and 3 months. Currently, the 13th season of the game is going on which will be ending in ten days. Afterward, people will be expecting Season 14 to drop, but that is not going to happen. Call of Duty: Mobile has planned to reset the season number to Season 1, and the upcoming edition will be called Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 2021.

Here you can find all you need to know about the new season 1 of COD Mobile and when will it start.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 2021

Call of Duty: Mobile in their recent community update shared some details about the forthcoming season. They have said that they are working on the new season, and 2021 has a lot in store for the game. Some new modes, maps, and weapons will be coming with the new edition, and not to mention the new features that will arrive.

The update will probably release on the 27th of January after the battle pass of season 13 expires. The players are already excited and can’t wait for the new season to kick-off. It is going to be like a whole new journey in the game.

New Weapons

The new season will bring two new weapons in the game. Not many details have been shared by the developers, but we will get to know more about them in the coming week.

New Map – Rebirth

The Rebirth map was included in the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 test build. However, it was not included in the actual game files. That being said, we might see the map making its way into the game for the first time in the Call of Duty: Mobile season 1 2021.

New Mode – Attack of the Undead 20

Attack of the Undead 20 | COD Mobile

A new game mode by the name of Attack of the Undead 20 will be coming into the game. it won’t be like a normal-day Attack of the Undead mode but will have several changes. Firstly, there will be 20 players in the game, instead of 10, thus there’s 20 in the name. Secondly, there will be 2 undead players at the start with 18 survivors, unlike, one undead and 9 survivors. The undead will have to make every other player like them in order to win the match. On the other hand, survivors will have to survive until the clock runs out.

The undead will start the game with a normal weapon but will shift to a melee, after their first kill. They will have abilities like silent movement, and fast sprint speed to try and compensate for their loss of the weapon. Conversely, the survivors will have their guns with them all the time. Moreover, the survivors can activate three perks by killing the undead, which are Vulture, Amped, and Restock, respectively.

The mode was first tested in a public test build this week and might be released officially in the next season.

These are all the details that have been revealed about the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 2021. We will be covering more information once the developers share it in the community updates.

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