Call of Duty: Mobile January 15 Community Update | Season 1 2021 Confirmed, Snow Day Event

Season 13 of Call of Duty: Mobile is coming to an end soon. A new season will be starting about which Call of Duty: Mobile has hinted in yet another community update on January 15. Talking about Season 13, you might want to get all the new guns, perks, and everything else before the new season drops. There’s not much time left to get all the rewards, so grab all of them as soon as possible.

There were also some leaks shared about the upcoming season by COD Mobile in their latest community update. We’ll discuss all the things that were mentioned by the developers, below.

Season 13 Events

First of all, let’s take a look at all the ongoing events in Call of Duty: Mobile, and some of the previous ones.

  • 01/14 ~ All Seasonal Challenges Now Available
  • 01/15 – 01/17 ~ Winner Bonus (Ranked Mode)
    • Solo Shield will be activated as well for you solo Ranked players!
  • 01/15 – 01/26 ~ Snow Day (BR)
  • 01/15 – 01/26 ~ Extra, Extra! (MP)

*All Dates UTC

The last event will be ending on the 26th of January. There are still ten days to complete the events and go to the next season with all the prior rewards.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 2021

Up till now, Call of Duty: Mobile has had 13 seasons. We are used to a new season releasing every month, with many new updates. However, that is going to change this year. What will happen is that, 2021 will reset the season count of COD Mobile. The first season that will release in 2021 will be called Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1.

The update will drop once the current season ends. There will be many new features coming in the next one, including new guns, maps, perks, and much more. The developers have not shared many details about the new season, but they will do so next week. Once the details are released, we will cover them as well.

Snow Day Event

Snow Day Event | COD Mobile January 15 community update

The Snow Day event is one of the live ones in the game right now. It requires you to perform various tasks in Battle Royale mode. You would be required to land on Ski Town, grab a skateboard, surviving for some time, dealing damage to the enemies, and so on. Completing most of the tasks of the event will reward you with the rare RPD – Snowblind or the rare Wingsuit – Snowblind skin.

The event will run up till January 26th. So, there is plenty of time for you to complete it and get all the rewards.

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Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021

After the inaugural World Championship of Call of Duty: Mobile got cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation, the developers and the team is making plans for the next one now. The eSports scene of the game will be taken to the next step this year and the COD Mobile team has many plans to do so. More of it will be told in the future.

Bug Fixes

In their community update of last week, the developers shared a few bugs that they were working on. Some of them have been fixed and some of the new ones have come up. Below you will find details about the fixes that the Call of Duty: Mobile team has made in the game, or is working to make them, as told by them in the January 15 community update.

Activision Account Linking Issue – Call of Duty: Mobile has now distributed the Ghost – Stealth skin to everyone, whether they linked their account before the free skin came, or afterward. Even if some of you have not received the character, then you can reach out to the support team of the game to get some help and your issue fixed.

Black Screen in BR – Many players have reported this issue to the developers, and finally it has been fixed. This type of issue will not be seen in the game now, and if you are still having some trouble then you can report again.

BK57 Gimmick Exploit – The visual glitch of the BK57 assault rifle has been fixed now. The players were getting an advantage over others with the bug, but now it is all square.

Map Glitches – There have been map glitches from quite some time now. Due to this, the players can get out of the map. Although COD Mobile has not given a definite answer, but they have said that they are working to get all these issues fixed as soon as possible.

Lag and Desync – The latency issue has been going on from many seasons in Call of Duty: Mobile. The team has been constantly working to make the game as smooth as they can, and will look to do the same in the future. They have fixed the issue to quite some extent in the UK, after adding some additional servers. As for the other regions, the issue will be fixed very soon.

This was all the news shared by the Call of Duty: Mobile team in their latest January 15 community update. We will be covering more of these in the future, so stay tuned.

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