League of Legends: Wild Rift New Skins Released

Riot’s latest mobile release League of Legends: Wild Rift has certainly taken the entire gaming world by storm. We got to see exclusive gameplay for Wild Rift in the iPhone 12 launch event. Riot has been constantly updating the game with new skins and features. Today they’re adding 5 new skins from the popular PC counterpart, League.

5 New Skins – Overview and Details

Arctic Ops Varus - 5 New Skins Being Added
Arctic Ops Varus – One of the 5 new skins being added to Wild Rift

In the latest update for Wild Rift, players gain access to 5 new skins. Firstly, we get to see our favorite champion Varus donning a new “Arctic Ops” skin. This skin gives him a very frosty vibe which looks really decent. Secondly, we see, “Soaring Sword Fiora,” giving her a very unique look with an entirely new appearance. “Sacred Sword Janna,” is a complement to Fiora’s new skin as they share the same theme and appearance.

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For the last two skins, Riot has gone all out! Death Sworn Zed is finally ported over to Wild Rift. It is one of the most iconic skins for the champion as it completely remodels his armor and fills with a transparent blue spirit. Lastly, Dark Star Jarvan IV is also here. This skin gives the champion a much more futuristic space-related look instead of his traditional attire.

Death Sworn Zed - One of 5 new skins being added to Wild Rift
Death Sworn Zed – Credits: Prephae on DeviantArt

Riot has promised to add a larger number of skins from the PC version for their iconic champions. Moreover, rumors indicate that the developers are also working hard on introducing new exclusive skins for the mobile champion whenever the closed-beta is about to end.

Here is an exclusive look at all the new skins being released for Wild Rift. If you are lucky enough to be selected for the beta, you can use them right now!

If you want to learn more about Wild Rift. Stay tuned! We’ll be covering a lot more about the game in the coming days before its official release. In the meanwhile. you might want to take a look at these:

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