Will Ghostwire Tokyo Have Denuvo?

Ghostwire Tokyo Denuvo

Denuvo is an infamous name in the PC gaming community, it’s a DRM used by some of the most popular games around including games like Resident Evil Village, Assassins Creed Valhalla, and even DOOM Eternal (which was cracked in the most hilarious way possible).

A DRM or Digital Rights Management Software is most often used by Publishers to prevent piracy, and Denuvo remains the most famous among gamers, not only due to its strong anti-crack measures but also the possible performance hiccups that arrive due to its use. This has lead many to wonder whether Ghostwire Tokyo, the latest game by The Evil Within developers, will also contain Denuvo or not.

Does Ghostwire Tokyo Have Denuvo?

While it hasn’t been announced whether Ghostwire Tokyo will have Denuvo DRM or not, it’s hardly speculation to suggest that it will. Many of Bethesda’s past games including Doom Eternal, Deathloop, Dishonored 2, etc have had strong Denuvo implementation and while some of them have had it removed since launch, it is expected that Ghostwire Tokyo will also launch with Denuvo come tomorrow when its finally out on Steam.

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This might come as a sad realization for many as Denuvo is often known to cause tons of technical hiccups in many games including even very well optimized games like CAPCOM’s Resident Evil Village, where players reported a huge improvement in performance after the patch where CAPCOM announced that they have removed Denuvo. Players also attributed the technical launch issues present in DOOM Eternal including bad stuttering and crashes to the Denuvo DRM.

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