Is MLB The Show 22 Cross Platform?

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It is a dream for those friends who are baseball lovers and who own a different console. Why? This is because the developers at San Diego Studios have announced that their latest baseball simulation MLB The Show 22 is going to allow crossplay!

MLB The Show 22 is slated to release on April 5 2022 with players who pre-order the MVP and Digital Deluxe Editions able to get early access. Apart from early access, the MVP and Digital Deluxe Editions also offer bonus content so bonus content and crossplay are going to go well together if you play to buy this game.

Will MLB The Show 22 Have Cross Play?

This exciting news was announced only last week when developers of the game along with PlayStation confirmed that MLB The Show 22 will have crossplay for all platforms on which it is releasing.

At first, this didn’t seem like a possibility because it was unlikely that the Switch version of the game would contain features that we would see in the Xbox and PlayStation iterations of the game.

image 82
MLB The Show’s official website showing the Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation version of the game respectively.

The developers also went on to state that not only will the game be cross-platform but it will also be able to be cross-saved and cross-progressed. This means that you can play the game on a different platform and then access your saved game from another platform.

So, simply put, if you play the game on your Xbox Series X and later on would like to continue your progress at a friend’s house on his PlayStation 5 then you can totally do that! Given the condition that the secondary console which you’re playing on has the full game purchased as well.

One major concern in recent times that MLB players had to face was constant server crashes so server stability is going to be something that the developers will look to improve this time around.

MLB The Show 2022 is available to pre-order now on all platforms.

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