WWE 2K22 Update 1.16 Patch Notes

The developers at Visual Concepts have just deployed the new WWE 2K22 Update 1.16, and here we will publish the patch notes. This new patch is definitely to bring a fresh set of bug fixes to the game, however, the official list of changes is yet to be revealed. In our best guess, this update may be to support the launch of Whole Damn Pack DLC which is to be out tomorrow.

All the relevant information you may need to know regarding the WWE 2K22 patch notes for Update 1.16 will be covered in the next section. We do not yet have the file size of this update, but will add it here once we have more information about it. You should be able to download and install this patch as it is now live and available for all the players.

WWE 2K22 Patch Notes: Update 1.16

Unfortunately, the official patch notes for WWE 2K22 Update 1.16 are not out yet. However, this new patch is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game. Once the notes are revealed, we will add them here. For now, there is nothing even on the official website.

Here are the official patch notes:


  • Addressed reported concerns regarding warping issues when a reversal is triggered
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding Superstars getting stuck on cage wall on reversals
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding clipping and floating during gameplay
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding  animations not syncing
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where the AI stops attacking opponent on the cage
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding the AI entering an idle state when going Backstage
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where the signature meter wasn’t being consumed when executing a signature move
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding the AI remaining idle on the ground
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding blood being applied to the attacker during a match
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding damage not being applied to some moves
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding some moves being spammed to exploit wins online
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where the AI wasn’t attacking with a weapon vs a grounded opponent
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where “move thief” was failing to trigger
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where Superstars can climb on top of another Superstar during a Cage MatchONLINE
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding custom images not displaying properly in online matches.
  • Improved stability in online lobbies.
  • Improved stability when downloading and applying custom portraits.
  • Improved stability in Community Creations.CREATE
  • Improved overall stability in Create a Superstar
  • Improved part compatibility in Create a Superstar


  • Visual condition will now reset when leaving the setting without saving.


  • Second attire slot visuals will now update properly


  • Ronda Rousey’s entrance theme can now be reapplied to Ronda Rousey after a change Addressed reported concerns regarding the Smackdown! Referee Attire not appearing when selected.

As we guessed earlier, this is what this update may be about:

For those who missed the previous Update 1.15 from June, the following are the patch notes released for this previous patch:


  • Various adjustments to Superstar attributes
  • Addressed reported concerns about crashes occurring when using the News tile to navigate the game
  • Addressed reported concerns where Superstars entered the Royal Rumble in the wrong order


  • Addressed the ranges of select moves
  • Various adjustments to address incorrectly assigned moves to certain Superstars
  • Added moves to various move categories
  • Addressed reported concerns of the ladder falling down during ladder matches
  • Addressed reported concerns of players warping and popping up after a match ends
  • Addressed reported concerns of tag team finishes and attacks not occurring during matches
  • Addressed reported concerns of the AI not performing their running signature/finisher against corner-seated opponents
  • Addressed the alignment on various animations so that they connect better in-game
  • Adjusted the damage of several moves to ensure the correct amount was being applied to opponents


  • Improved stability within Community Creations


  • Addressed reported concerns of shirts being tucked in when not intended
  • Addressed reported concerns of a soft-lock in the game when editing CAS
  • Addressed reported concerns of infinite loading when editing a saved video on PS5


  • Stability improvements when using Custom Superstars

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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  1. Wow, just wow! Now that’s an update, it’s almost like reading the patchnotes for a Cyberpunk update. Im happy the dev’s are working out all the flaws and actually listening to the players concerns. My only concern is MyFaction, how all the faction wars matches are 4v4 normal tag. They have no variety of match types with different stipulations.. Like Tornado tag, mixed tag, TLC, ladder, HIAC, elimination chamber etc etc Playing MyFaction is fun but repetitive only doing 4v4 normal tag faction wars matches.

    Im just happy they give you the dlc wrestlers cards for MyFaction as soon as you download the dlc, and have a better variety of card packs. Unfortunately the RNG for actually pulling anything good is slim. If they added a wider variety of match types for faction wars and increase the RNG for card pack opening i’d be impressed.

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