How to Beat Fajar “The Botanist” in Sifu (Boss Guide)

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So your journey in Sifu begins and you are learning the nuances of the unique fighting of this game and the game sends a doozy your way with Fajar “The Botanist” fight. He is the first main boss of the game in the Squats Level and can be quite intimidating. Let us be your sensei and guide you towards victory.

Sifu demands you to be extra vigilant in fighting especially bosses. To learn their patterns to identify the moments when to unleash your moves is the whole point of this game. So without further adieu let’s see what moves Fajar brings to the table.

How to Defeat Fajar “The Botonist”?

Like any other boss, the key element is learning the pattern and looking for the opening to start punishing. Don’t be afraid of his high-flying moves as it all comes down to pattern reading.

sifu fajar

Basic Tips

  • You should hold guard until he has done his first move
  • After successfully avoiding or parrying each attack in a combo should you attack
  • In Phase 1 use the hedges to move away and regain structure
  • In Phase 2 use Focus Attacks to regain structure
  • If you are able to stumble Fajar, run towards him to do a Leg Sweep

Phase 1

image 128
First Attack

The fight will begin with him doing this downward guardbreak kick. As instructed in the basic tips hold guard as soon as the fight starts and right before he reaches you avoid downward. If avoided there is a chance to use your frequently used combo and get some decent damage from the get go.

image 131
Triple Kick

Once you block the first two kicks avoid the third and move in to land some blows.

image 132
Punch + Roundhouse Kick

This combo is easy to handle where you can block the punch and avoid the kick easily to get an opening to deliver some pain.

image 133
Leg Sweep

The last roundhouse guardbreak kick is to look out for and have the Guard up at all times as it’s not easy to anticipate and avoid, which can be done if you have quick reflexes and avoid up.

image 134
High Low High

This combo goes from high to low so it’s a bit dicey and to remember sadly. So try to avoid if you can. The last attack is the roundhouse kick guardbreak and can be avoided if you can identify it.

Phase 2

It is advised that attacks in this phase are best to be avoided and not blocked as Fajar is using a Knife and you will still get a bit of chip damage. You can avoid the knife attacks if your timings are amazing but if missed you’ll receive great damage. There are Sticks in this arena to be used as a weapon to block his knife. Few attacks are similar to that of Phase 1 so be on the lookout for those.

image 135
Bamboo Ambush

This is the starting attack of this phase and he does that multiple times during the fight. It can be easily avoided as you know its coming. As soon as he leaps out Avoid down and use a combo that pushes him in the wall and stuns him so you can get more hits in.

image 136
Jumping Slice and Dice

You can see this move from a mile away as he jumps in the air, you can avoid it easily. The last move is the roundhouse kick guardbreak and best be avoided as well.

image 137
Punch + Guardbreak

This combo can be easily guarded as the guardbreak kick doesn’t do much structure damage.

image 138
Bamboo Roundhouse

This attack is not difficult to deal with and isn’t very dangerous. The last attck in this combo is easy to avoid and gives an opening to pummel the fool.

image 139
Slices + Roundhouse

As these are knife attacks they shouldn’t be blocked and needs to be dodged backward. If you miss an avoid you’ll lose quite a bit of help. The end is the famous roundhouse kick he’s so fond of.

image 140
Charged Slices

This is the most damage-dealing attack he has. It’s best that you block and accept the chip damage till you get used to the animation timing. It’s easy to spot as the knife sparks as he charges it.

Knowing how to handle each move is a must in this game and bosses are the ultimate challenge of reflex and memory. Let us know in the comments below how many ages it took for you to beat this boss.

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