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Call of Duty: Mobile (Season 1 2021) Characters

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 1 is going to be releasing on the 27th of January. The Season 1 Character Leaks have finally been released! They include all the skins and Camos you can expect to be coming out with the update. Like previous seasons, they include variations of pre-released skins alongside the introduction of new characters like Seraph and Ethan.

Season 1 is going to be one of the biggest update the critically acclaimed has seen since its debut. With the introduction of new game modes such as Blitz and an embargo of new weapons like the SKS, you can expect a metric shift in the meta as soon as the update is out. Cosmetics still remain a strong suit of the game with iconic characters such as Ghost and Mercer being featured with particular variations in almost every season.

COD Mobile Season 1 (2021) Character Skins

These leaked character skins are all confirmed to be a part of Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 1 update. They were provided to us by both DataMinersHole on Twitter and Murdablast on YouTube. Most of the free and Battle Pass skins will be unlockable and obtainable as soon as the update is out. However, those that are found in Crates and Bundles will be coming out gradually in various limited-time events where you can snag them for a certain price.

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Free Skins

Battle Hardened – Axon

battle hardened - axon season 1 leaked character skins

Russian Merc 1 – Nucleobase

russian merc 1- nucleobase

Russian Merc 1 – Hard Tech

russian merc 1 - hard tech

Special Ops 5 – Trance

special ops 5 - trance

Merc 2 – Lunar Tide

merc 2 - lunar tide

Special Ops 3 – Connection

special ops 3 - connection

Battle Pass Premium Skins

FTL – Power Line

FTL - power line  season 1 leaked character skins

Spectre – Chrome

spectre - chrome

Prophet – Geist

prophet - geist

David Mason – Enforcer

david mason - enforcer

Lucky Draw Skins

Ether – Network

ether - network  season 1 leaked character skins

Witch Doctor – Wrong Medicine

witch doctor - wrong medicine

Gunzo – Clown Coded

gunzo - clown coded




Outrider – Carnival

outrider - carnival  season 1 leaked character skins

Outrider – Vaporwave

outrider - vaporwave


Phantom – Null

phantom - nulll

T.E.D.D. – Hardware Update

T.E.D.D - hardware update



Kreuger – Firestarter

kreuger firestarter



Prophet – Electric Jungle

prophet - electirc jungle

Merc 5 – Aurora

merc5 - aurora

Nomad – Aurora

nomad - aurora

Scout 2 – Construnct

scout 2 - construct  season 1 leaked character skins

This concludes everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 1 Character Leaks. Stay tuned for more news!

If interested, you can see the complete list of characters and skins from previous Call of Duty: Mobile seasons:

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