Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards | Free and Paid

Call of Duty: Mobile is taking mobile gaming to some new standards. Their upcoming Season 1: New Order is going to be the best out of all seasons. Just like every prior edition, the forthcoming one will also get a ton of new stuff and content in the game which includes new weapons, maps, operator skills, events, challenges, and obviously the brand new Season 1 battle pass. The update will be dropping most probably on the 26th of Jan, so there’s not a lot of time left.

In this article, we will specifically look at all the free and paid battle pass rewards of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1. Moreover, the battle pass bundle details will also be mentioned at the end, once the battle pass goes live.

UPDATE: Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 is out now and here are the rewards: COD Mobile Season 3 (2021) Battle Pass Rewards

Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards

Season 1 battle pass will have four new epic character skins likewise some previous battle passes. Besides, there will be five epic weapon skins, a new operator skill, tactical equipment, a legendary calling card, and more.

Below you will find all the rewards of the Season 1 battle pass.

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Premium Battle Pass Rewards

The following are the premium battle pass rewards in COD Mobile Season 1: New Order:

TierPremium Rewards
Tier 1David Mason – Enforcer
Tier 1Cordite – Tech Noir
Tier 1Legendary Calling Card – Sanction
Tier 1Charm – Button Masher
Tier 10HBRa3 – Capacitor
Tier 12FTL – Power Line
Tier 15Emote – Drone Control
Tier 20Locus – Carbon Cut
Tier 30Prophet – Geist
Tier 40HG 40 – Cybersick
Tier 45Backpack – Laptop Bag
Tier 50Spectre – Chrome
Tier 50FR .556 – Rogue Agent
Tier 50Frame – Enforcer
Tier 50Avatar – Enforcer

Free Battle Pass Rewards

The following are the free tier battle pass rewards in COD Mobile Season 1: New Order.

TiersFree Rewards
Tier 1Ninja – Light Show
Tier 4Chicom – Synapse
Tier 8Antelope A20 – Light Show
Tier 14Gravity Vortex Gun
Tier 16Sticker – Broadcaster
Tier 18Mechanic – Light Show
Tier 21FR .556
Tier 26Medic – Light Show
Tier 28Flashbang Grenade – Light Show
Tier 31HS2126 – Synapse
Tier 34Concussion Grenade – Light Show
Tier 36Sticky Grenade – Light Show
Tier 38Charm – Bloodiest Diamond
Tier 41XPR-50 – Synapse
Tier 46Calling Card – Neon Horizon
Tier 50M4 – Synapse

Epic Characters

Epic character skins | COD Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass rewards

Four new epic characters have made their way into the game. It has now become a trend of Call of Duty: Mobile to give four new character skins in every battle pass. The same is the case with the new Season 1.

  • FTL – Power Line
  • Specter – Chrome
  • David Mason – Enforcer
  • Prophet – Geist

Epic Weapons

Epic Gun Skins | COD Mobile Season 1 battle pass rewards

Along with the new characters, five epic weapon skins will also be up for grabs in the premium battle pass. The epic blueprint of the latest assault rifle, FR 5.56 will also be available at the 50th tier of the premium pass.

  • FR .556 – Rogue Agent
  • HBRa3 – Capacitor
  • HG 40 – Cybersick
  • Locus – Carbon Cut
  • Cordite – Tech Noir

New Operator Skill

Gravity Vortex operator skill

The new operator skill basically opens a gravity void, and whoever passes through or contacts the void, gets damaged.

  • Gravity Vortex Gun

New Weapon

FR 5.56 AR

Only the second burst-fire assault rifle after the M16 is coming to the game in this battle pass. The FR 5.56 has a good fire rate and will be more than handy in taking those medium and long-range gunfights.

  • FR 5.56

New Tactical Equipment

Gas Grenade | COD Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass rewards

A great addition in the tactical category of Call of Duty: Mobile. The gas grenade with its tear gas will not only slow down the enemies but will blur their vision as well. It can be a good alternative if you do not want to use the smoke grenade.

  • Gas Grenade

New Epic Emote

  • Emote – Drone Control

New Epic Frame

  • Enforcer Frame

New Epic Backpack

  • Backpack – Laptop Bag

Legendary Calling Card

A new legendary calling card has came up in the new battle pass, called Sanction.

  • Calling Card – Sanction

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These are all the rewards that are available in the free and paid battle pass of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1: New Order. If you have not purchased a battle pass in the game yet, then this is the one you should definitely go for.

That being said, you can go through the COD Mobile Season 1 patch notes on our website as well, to know more about all the changes that are coming to the game.

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