Garena Qualifiers Day 4 Results | World Championship 2020

COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Garena Qualifiers day 4

The finals of the Garena qualifiers are approaching very quickly. We are done with 3 days of group matches and those of day 4 have also been concluded. The top 4 out of the six teams will qualify for the playoffs hoping to win the final and become the 5th team to make it to the COD Mobile World Championship finals.

Five regions have already qualified for the 5th stage of the World Championship and Garena will be the sixth to do so. But which team will make it to the ultimate stage from here? We’ll be updating you with all the results, but today, let’s have a look at the details of day 4 matches.

Day 4 Match Results and Points Table

The following matches were scheduled for day 4:

  • 1st Match: NRX Jeremiah 29:11 (PH) vs FunPlus Phoenix (TW)
  • 2nd Match: Divinity.Uprising (SG) vs Daivo.FreeSlot (TH)
  • 3rd Match: DG Esports (ID) vs FunPlus Phoenix (TW)

Result of 1st Match

Well, it wasn’t for FPX this time around in the World Championship. They suffered their third 3-nil loss on the trot. This wasn’t expected from the champions of Taiwan. But sometimes, things just don’t go your way.

NRX 29:11 won all three maps without much difficulty against a down and out FPX side. They won the hardpoint 150-85, SnD 6-2 and the domination map 150-64 to eliminate FunPlus Phoenix from the qualifiers.

Result of 2nd Match

The number 1 ranked team from day 3 going up against the 2nd placed one. Daivo.FS vs DVT. It was one of the most awaited matches of the tournament and it was worth the wait. All three matches went down to the wire but Daivo.FS managed to win the Bo3 series 2-1.

They won the hardpoint 150-107 and SnD 6-4, while DVT won the last domination map, a super close one, 150 to 145.

Result of 3rd Match

FPX vs DG Esports, with the former still looking for their first win. Although they are out of the tournament but still FPX can enjoy some consolation victories. However, in the first game of the series, it was all DG Esports, as they made the first hardpoint map look like a walk in the park with a 150-44 win.

Second SnD game went to the last round but DG again managed to come out on top in the 11th one. A 6-5 win means they went 2-0 up against FPX. FunPlus finally won their first game in the 12th try, after they won the domination map 150-141 to get themselves on the points table.

Points Table

This is where the teams stand after day 4:

COD Mobile World Championship Garena Qualifiers points table 1

The fifth day of Garena Qualifiers will begin today at 7:00 pm Eastern time and 4:00 pm PDT. It will be live streamed on Garena Call of Duty Mobile Youtube Channel.

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