Day 5 Results of Garena Qualifiers | World Championship 2020

COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Garena Qualifiers Day 5

After 4 days of high quality gameplay, the day 5 of the Garena qualifiers has also ended and we’ve our top 4 teams which are going to play the playoffs. The matches have been so competitive, that you can’t really predict which team will make it to the COD Mobile World Championship finals.

After five regions, Garena is the latest to play it’s regional qualifiers. Teams from South East Asia / Taiwan tried their best to take that top 4 spot, but in the end, 2 of the 6 teams were eliminated. Well, we are here to give you all the match details, results and points table after day 5 of the qualifiers. So, make sure you check them out.

Day 5 Match Results and Points Table

The following matches were scheduled for day 5:

  • 1st Match: NRX Jeremiah 29:11 (PH) vs Daivo.FreeSlot (TH)
  • 2nd Match: Resurgence (MY) vs FunPlus Phoenix (TW)
  • 3rd match: Divinity Uprising (SG) vs DG Esports (ID)

Result of 1st Match

NRX 29:11 who have lost only 1 match out of their 4, going up against the invincible Daivo.FreeSlot who haven’t lost a single one. But, not everyday is Sunday. Finally a team was able to take down Daivo.FS and that was the team from The Philippines.

NRX 29:11 won 2 maps, winning the hardpoint 150-110 and making a comeback in SnD to win 6-4 after they were down 1-4. However, they couldn’t really complete the clean sweep as Daivo.FS won the last domination map by 150 to 110, and finished their group stage at top of the table.

Result of 2nd Match

A mere dead rubber between RSG and FPX. Both of the teams can’t qualify for the playoffs, but would love to take at least 1 victory home. FPX after losing 11 of their last 12 encounters, finally stepped up and won their first and last match of the tournament.

RSG still couldn’t win a match. They lost 2-1 to FPX, which is their 5th 2-1 loss of the tournament. Talk about consistency. No offence to RSG though. FPX will take a consolation win, after all the struggle. Although, they lost the first hardpoint map 150-131, but managed to win SnD by 6-4 and the last domination game by 150-97 to finish their journey with a victory.

Result of 3rd Match

The result of the 3rd match came as a surprise. DVT won 3 to nothing against the ever competitive DG Esports. DG will take the 4th position after a disappointing day. But on the brighter side, they will be playing the playoffs.

DVT won the hardpoint 150-132, SnD 6-4 after they were trailing 0-4, and the domination map 150-86 to end their group stage on a high.

Points Table

This is where the teams stand after day 5:

Day 5 Results Points Table - COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Garena Qualifiers

There’s a one day break and we’ll be back on 4th of October for the playoffs. It’ll be live streamed on Garena Call of Duty Mobile Youtube Channel, at 11:00 am PDT and 2:00 pm EST.

Daivo.FreeSlot will be facing the 4th place DG Esports, whereas, Divinity.Uprising will go up against NRX Jeremiah 29:11 in the semis.

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