Day 7 Results | PMPL Americas Fall Split 2020

A short break after day 6, and the teams are now back in action again on day 7 in pursuit of getting their place secured in the top 16. So here are the Day 7 results of the PMPL Americas Fall Split 2020 along with the points tablet and current standing of the teams.

It’s a 24 team tournament with top 16 to play in the finals. You can find all the teams and group draw details, here.

Day 7 Results and Overall Standings:

A very competitive day. Only 5 points separating 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Team Queso managed to top the table at the end of the day with 53 points with Tempo Storm just finishing behind them with 50 points. The current overall table toppers, G25 Gaming, finished their day with 48 points. to end up on the 3rd spot.

Matches Played

The matches played along with their maps and results are mentioned below:

*(Placement points + kill points)

Game 1

  • Group A vs Group B (Map: Erangel)
  • 1st Place: G25 Gaming (15+11)
  • 2nd Place: Nova Sports NA (12+10)
  • 3rd Place: Tempo Storm (10+8)

Game 2

  • Group B vs Group C (Map: Vikendi)
  • 1st Place: B4 eSports (15+6)
  • 2nd Place: Tempo Storm (12+10)
  • 3rd Place: Brazilian Rampage (10+1)

Game 3

  • Group A vs Group C (Map: Sanhok)
  • 1st Place: Pittsburgh Knights (15+8)
  • 2nd Place: Loops (12+6)
  • 3rd Place: Team Queso (10+6)

Game 4

  • Group A vs Group B (Map: Miramar)
  • 1st Place: Team Queso (15+16)
  • 2nd Place: XSET (12+11)
  • 3rd Place: Wildcard Gaming (10+12)

Game 5

  • Group B vs Group C (Map: Erangel)
  • 1st Place: G25 Gaming (15+3)
  • 2nd Place: Cloud9 Mobile (12+6)
  • 3rd Place: INFLUENCE RAGE (10+14)

Overall Standings

The overall standings of PMPL Americas Season 2 after day 7 results:

PMPL Americas Fall Split 2020 points table after day 7
Credits: PUBG MOBILE Esports

All the previous and upcoming livestreams of the Fall Split 2020 tournament can be watched on PUBG MOBILE Esports Youtube channel.

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