Dead By Daylight “Lurking Stripes” Lunar Event 2022: Release Date, Rewards

Dead By Daylight’s New Year Lunar Event Lurking Stripes has just been leaked and we have the complete details for you right here! As always, the event has you interacting with Red Envelopes to unlock some rewards. The event itself will be lasting from January to February.

While an official release date has not been released yet, we’ve gotten our hands on some leaked information that highlights what rewards will be coming out in the video alongside the release date as well.

DBD Lunar Event “Lurking Stripes” 2022 Event: Release Date, Rewards, Game Modes

2018 – Year of the DogHowling GroundsFebruary 15March 1
2019 – Year of the PigMoonriseJanuary 30February 13
2020 – Year of the RatScarlet SwarmJanuary 21February 4
2021 – Year of the OxGilded StampedeFebruary 11March 4
2022 – Year of the TigerLurking StripesJanuary 25February 8

As of yet, Dead by Daylight’s Lunar Event “Lurking Stripes” will take place from January 25 to February 8. Traditionally, there is no particular Special Mode, but there are a few features added to the game from the previous event, courtesy of the game’s wiki:

Lurking Stripes 2022 Rewards (Red Envelope)

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Once the Lunar New Year Starts, you’ll be able to perform the following tasks and gain extra rewards:

  • Hook a Survivor with a Lunar Celebration Hook to get extra Bloodpoints (Killer)
  • Whenever a Lunar Celebration Generator is repaired, you gain extra Bloodpoints. (Survivor)
  • Interact with Red Envelopes to gain extra Bloodpoints:
    • Lunar Shirt Jane is also an expected reward

New Year Collection Discounts

Just like previous events, we expect to see discounts coming out on collections that are already existing in the game. We expect a reduction of up to 30% for most collections. Moreover, 2021 saw a decrease in the price of the base game as well as some DLCs as well.

Are you excited about the Lunar New Year Event coming out in January 2022? Let us know in the comments down below!

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