Download Nvidia GeForce 511.23 Graphics Driver for God Of War PC

God of War PC is finally out on PC and the Nvidia Game Ready drivers followed through alongside it. Players will be able to enjoy proprietary features like DLSS right on the first day. This is a massive deal as the DLSS improves your performance a lot.

With that said, the game will be feature enhanced graphics, visuals, and will include support for spatial audio as well. You’ll also be able to play the game at an uncapped frame rate. Considering the game’s file size, this is quite an impressive feat! Make sure you also install this latest God Of War Patch 1.0.1 to fix performance issues.

Download NVIDIA GeForce Driver for God of War

Nvidia has amped its ante when it comes to providing RTX users with unique, proprietary features for God of War PC. Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect from an Nvidia card:

  • DLSS: AI-powered upscaling that provides great visuals with better frame rates.
  • NVIDIA Reflex: Combines both GPU and Game optimizations to provide dramatically low latency / input lag
  • Optimization: Game Ready drivers will pre-optimize God of War PC to ensure it runs at the right graphics settings accoridng to your system specifications.
How to Download NVIDIA GeForce Driver for God of War

You can download the 511.23 driver directly from Nvidia’s website right now. We also recommend setting your control panel settings up just right for the best experience! The driver has a size of 797.13 MB so it should download quickly. Currently, the driver supports these cards:

  • NVIDIA Titan Series
  • Geforce RTX 30 Series
  • Geforce RTX 20 Series
  • Geforce 16 Series
  • Geforce 10 Series
  • Geforce 900 Series
  • Geforce 700 Series

If you haven’t already, God of War is now available on Steam, so make sure that you download the game and enjoy it. Let us know if you are excited to play God of War on PC or not.

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