What’s New in Dying Light 2 Update 1.3.0? Release Date, New Game+ Mode Details and More!

Dying Light 2 Update 1.3.0 New Game+

Techland has just announced new information about the New Game+ (NG+) mode coming to Dying Light 2 with Update 1.3.0. This guide aims to bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about the upcoming content in Update 1.3.0 of Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 will be receiving it’s 3rd major and probably the biggest patch in the upcoming days, which will have a lot of adjustments to mob spawn rates, new challenges, and other improvements. The highly anticipated New Game+ mode will also be released in the same patch, and we’ll be covering all of this in detail below.

What’s New in Dying Light 2 Update 1.3.0?

Techland have released a video on the Dying Light 2 YouTube Channel, in which they walk us through all of the exciting new features and changes coming to Dying Light 2 with Update 1.3.0.

A lot of new information about the New Game + mode was also revealed, including how it’ll work, whether it’ll allow Coop with normal players, and what things players will retain from their original playthrough.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of the Update, let’s look at when it is coming out.

UPDATE: The official patch notes for Dying Light 2 Update 1.3.0 are now available for you to read through the full extent of new changes and game features.

Dying Light Update 1.3.0 Release Date

Update 1.3.0 for Dying Light 2 will be coming out on all platforms on 27th April 2022. The update will be released on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC simultaneously. Now, let’s take a deeper look into the New Game + mode.

Dying Light 2 New Game +

One of the most highly anticipated additions to Dying Light 2 has been the New Game + mode because players who have already beaten the game need another reason to replay the game with all of their gear.

It greatly increases the game’s replayability and makes it far less tedious to try out the different story choices in the game. The developers have confirmed that the players will be able to retain all of their gear as they repeat the whole game.

You will be able to carry over all of the skills you’ve unlocked and all of your equipment (minus a few story-related items discussed below) into a new game where you can choose a different story and gameplay choices to see whatever you missed during your first playthrough.

Dying Light 2 Update 1.3.0

However, you won’t get to keep all of your night runner tools. For example, the Paraglider and Grappling Hook will need to be unlocked again. This was done to maintain the flow of the gameplay and the main story bits. And it makes the game a bit more challenging for you, even if it is your 2nd playthrough.

Starting New Game + will allow you to further develop your character as it’ll have 30 new Inhibitors for you to farm. The new inhibitors will not be that easy to find, though, as almost all of them have some sort of puzzle associated with them. This makes it a bit more interesting and challenging to farm these inhibitors.

You can still play Coop with your non-New game + friends without any issues but note that if your friends join your session and try to loot the new inhibitors, they’ll be awarded other collectibles and items. They will have to be in New Game + themselves to farm for the new inhibitors.

All other loot they find in your session, including resources and Legendary weapons, is theirs to claim and keep.

New Parkour Challenges Coming to Dying Light 2

The developers have noticed that players are easily unlocking Gold Medals by completing all of the parkour challenges in Dying Light 2. They have introduced new parkour challenges and a Platinum trophy with Update 1.3.0.

These challenges will, of course, be assessable in both single-player and Coop mode. So, you can attempt the new challenges with your friends if you want and compete to see who is better at parkour in Dying Light 2.

Increased Special Infected Spawn Rates

One of the best ways to farm for rare drops, essential for crafting different items in Dying Light 2, is by killing the Special Infected.

With update 1.3.0, players will be able to farm these special infected zombies much more efficiently as Techland has adjusted the time it takes for these zombies to spawn again and made it faster.

New Quests

You will also be able to complete a brand-new quest called ‘Something Big Has Been Here,’ which adds a few new characters and enemies to face off against. In addition to that, several new challenges will also be introduced to the game to make exploration more fun and encourage the players to move about the city and uncover its secrets.

Addition of FOV Sliders on Consoles

Field of View Sliders will be added on both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, allowing for a more immersive experience. This feature is not coming for the PS4 or Xbox One because of the hardware limitations.

That covers all of the main things coming with Update 1.3.0 of Dying Light 2. Stay tuned with BRGeeks for all things gaming!

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    Certainly interested in NG+, i completed the campaign around the release. Unfortunately the game had/has audio issues. Certain parts had no audio and the subtitles would flicker in and out. Making it impossible to hear or read the dialogue.

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