How to Earn Bucks and Republic Coins Faster in Riders Republic

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If you want a change of appearance in Riders Republic, earning Bucks and Republic Coins is the way to go. Racing around the open world, you’ll be witnessing a lot of colourful and unique cosmetics being worn by fellow racers. To buy all those weird-looking outfits, you’ll need to fill your pockets with some in-game currency.

Bucks and Republic coins are the two in-game currencies in Riders Republic allowing you to satisfy all your cosmetic cravings. While Bucks can be used for cosmetic items and to fast travel with the Helicopter drop, Republic Coins are the premium currency, used for cosmetics and new sports.

How to Earn Bucks in Riders Republic

Earning Bucks in Riders Republic is quite tasking as it requires a ton of grind from the player. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort, check out the fast ways through which you can earn some Bucks.

Finishing Racecourses

The first way to grab hold of some Bucks is by finishing Racecourses or completing Tricks that are scattered across the open world. Completing the Racecourse or Trick for the first time will grant you about 1000 Bucks. The 1000 paygrade is quite a standard reward in the game for finishing most of the playable activities.

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Online Tricks

A second way to get a couple of Bucks is by taking part in online events like Trick Battles. Events like Trick Battle make you compete online and show off your skills and tricks. The one with the most points by the end of the battle is awarded a small chunk of Bucks.

Reach Star Ranks

Another way to acquire Bucks can be by hitting certain Star Ranks. Getting the Star Ranks will also allow you to unlock brand-new vehicles, activities, and even events. Bucks earned through achieving a Star rank can vary from 2000-10000 depending on the Star Level you scored. However, as you can only hit a Star Rank once, this method may be a bit of a gamble when setting out to earn Bucks.

Riders Republic Stars

Probably the best method to earn Bucks is by completing Sponsor Contracts every day. Once you achieve a specific Star rank, follow the steps to get a Sponsor Contract:

  • Go to Riders Ridge and head to the Food truck to speak with its vendor
  • When you speak with the vendor, you’ll be shown a menu offering a maximum of 3 sponsors for you to choose
  • The sponsors will provide you with daily contracts to complete in 24 hours
Sponder Contracts Riders Republic

Sponsor Contracts have up to 11 levels of rank, with 8 of these levels rewarding 1000 Bucks each. This can make up for some pretty decent Bucks throughout the week.

How to Get Republic Coins

Republic Coin is the premium currency in Riders Republic, allowing you to get some sick outfits and sporting gear. Unlike Bucks, Republic Coins can’t be earned by grinding in the game, rather require micro-transactions. The Coins are sold in bundles ranging from $4.99 for 500 Coins to $49.99 for 6600 Coins.

Riders Republic Coins

Earning bucks does require some level of grind, however, the outfits are definitely worth it. Have you just started Riders Republic? Check out our best graphics settings to give your system a boost in performance!

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