Fall Guys Update 1.15 Patch Notes on January 11 | DOOM Costume and More

fall guys doom costume update 1.15 january

Fall Guys has just been updated to version 1.15. The new update includes new customizable and costumes that will slowly be released and added into the game. Currently, the official patch notes have still not been released by Mediatonic. However, since the update size is quite large, get ready to expect anything from the cheeky developers!

Mediatonic’s Fall Guys is another quarantine sensation that has taken the gaming world by storm. With huge YouTubers and Streamers like MrBeast and Ninja playing the game, it definitely has cemented itself as a fun, animated cartooney game, which surprisingly has quite a harsh learning curve. Due to the developers’ constant content updates for Fall Guys, it is still going strong with over 20k+ concurrent players!

Fall Guys January Update 1.15 Patch Notes

Fall Guys January Update 1.15

The New Update has been released for all platforms. Currently, it is estimated to be around 1.1 GB’s. As mentioned earlier, the Developers have kept their mouths shut about many new features that are expected to be added to the game. Here are the unofficial Patch Notes:

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  • Bug Fixes and new customisables.
  • Fixed Disconnects During the Countdown Phase.
  • Jump Showdown Speed issues.
  • Added a fix for an issue with some accounts being locked out of the game with, “Login Failed,” messages.
  • Addressed issues where some players are not recieving the new DLC costumes.
  • Fixed lots of Crashes.
  • Fixed few glitches.
  • Gameplay optimizations added.
  • Other minor fixes.

DOOM Crossover Outfit

While there have been no real patch notes, we know that the DOOM Crossover Outfits will be releasing on the 12th of January. The Outfits, just like previous ones, will be purchasable from the Shop for a limited time only. Here’s a trailer for the DOOM Costumes:

YouTube video

This concludes everything you needed to know about Fall Guys 1.15 January Update. Stay tuned for more news!

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