Far Cry 6 Save File Location in Windows 10

This is how and where you can find the Far Cry 6 save file location in Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs. Save files hold the in-game progress made by you, in this particular case i.e for Far Cry 6, making them valuable in case you want to backup all your progression. Making backup copies of your Save files can be a life-saver in case something unwanted happened to your game. While accessing saved data in consoles is quite simpler, it can be a pain to navigate in Windows PCs.

Save files can be tricky to find as they are hidden well inside your game’s installation folder. We would advise you to proceed with caution as deleting or editing the file can be disastrous and may cost you all the achievements and missions you’ve completed up till now.

How to Find Far Cry 6 Save File Location

Far Cry 6 has pretty cool missions and rewards, making in-game progression desirable and fun. It’s quite common for players to back up their Save file, however, you can also access it to add in some mods or replace it in case it’s gotten corrupted. Anyhow, before we start fiddling with the file, we should locate it first.

Save File Location:

Follow the steps to locate your save file in Windows 10:

  • Head over to your Ubisoft folder usually located in C Drive < Users < Program Files (x86)
  • Now open the ‘Ubisoft Game Launcher’ folder
  • Next click on the ‘savegames’ folder
  • Inside ‘savegames’, double-click on your personal user ID
  • Finally, go over to 5266 to access your Save File.
Far Cry 6 save file location

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In case you’re too lazy for the above steps, paste this in your URL bar after replacing <UserID> with your actual User ID of Windows 10.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\<UserID>\5266

Far Cry 6 100% Completed Save File

If you’re a veteran Far Cry player, you’ll know how 100% completed files are used to insert in your game directory and play the version of Far Cry 6 with all progress unlocked.

However, if you’re playing Far Cry 6, you won’t be able to swap in a 100% Completed file as game saves are tied to each person’s Uplay account now. When you try to load someone else’s Save file, the game refuses to recognize it, even in offline mode.

A completionist run of Far Cry 6 takes about 44 hours to complete, making Save file backups extremely valuable in case you lose all that grind to a mishap!

Many have been a victim of the GPU rrror prompt in Far Cry 6, have you faced any such issues while playing the game?

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