Free Fire Adds “Red Light Green Light” Game Mode From Squid Game

Free Fire is known to take inspiration from popular pop cultures franchises, with their previous Free Fire x Venom collaboration. And it seems like they are continuing to do so as Free Fire announces a new game mode called “Red Light Green Light” based on the famous Netflix series by the name of Squid Game. The mode’s integration made sense with the theme of the game, as both are based heavily upon survival.

Garena has added a set of cosmetics to the game to go along with the mode and has claimed that players would be able to find something new every day. The organization is known to bring on new aspects to the game every chance they get to keep the players interested.

Free Fire Red Light Green Light Mode

For people who do not know, Red Light Green Light is an old children’s game where players stand behind a line and try to advance towards the finish line while music plays in the background. The players are only allowed to move while the music is playing and have to stand still when the music stops. Players who move as the music stops will be eliminated.

Squid Game has said to have taken a rather sinister take on the game which has now been brought to Free Fire as a playable mode. The mode is said to be available from October 17 to October 25.

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What Can Fans Expect in The Mode?

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The Free Fire version of the game starts with 50 players starting off in a walled-off field with a creepy doll near the finish line. The players are all dressed up in the same outfit and are unable to change it. The doll, similar to the Netflix series, acts as an observer and the goal of the mode is for the players to reach the finish line without being noticed by the creepy doll.

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If the player is seen moving by the doll, they would be immediately eliminated via a lightning bolt striking them down and killing them.

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The first person to reach the finish line would be crowned the winner. The best way of surviving in the game mode is to make sure you move slowly and keep a constant eye on the doll.

If you are unable to see the mode in your game, you would need to navigate to the Google Play Store and update your game. The mode is currently available for Android players alone. However, there has been talk of iOS users of getting it at a later date.

The new mode is expected to bring about a new wave of players to the game and we are very excited to try it out. Let us know of your experiences in the comments below.

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