How to Watch Elden Ring Reveal Event Tomorrow | Gameplay Trailer

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FromSoftware will be officially releasing Elden Ring in early 2022, however, fans have been craving for the slightest hint of gameplay of the upcoming open-world action game. Fortunately, developers have revealed details about a Gameplay reveal ready to be showcased to the fans.

Elden Ring recently excited fans with the news of their closed Beta Tests which are to be held in mid-November. However, these tests are still a few days off, and if you’re running out of patience, watching the Gameplay Reveal Event is the best bet for you.

How to Watch Elden Ring Gameplay Reveal Event

Elden Ring’s official Twitter account recently revealed all the required details pertaining to attending the event. The Gameplay is all set to be showcased online on various platforms, giving a glimpse of what players should be geared up for.

Reveal Date: November 4, 2021

Reveal Time: 3 PM CET/7 AM PDT

The Twitter account further pointed out that the Gameplay Reveal will feature subtitles for different languages, making it easier for the viewers to understand and comprehend the game.

Here are the official streaming websites which will be revealing the Gameplay of Elden Ring on November 4:

The developers communicated last month that the game is nearing completion and this Gameplay reveal might feature somewhat of the end product which we will be seeing later in 2022. What do you expect from the upcoming Elden Rings Gameplay Reveal? Tell us in the comments below!

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