Jurassic World Evolution 2 Trophy List (All Achievements)

Frontier Developments has just released Jurassic World Evolution 2 and we have the complete list of achievements / trophies right here for you! You’ll need all these trophies to get to 100% completion rate in the game. Moreover, these trophies are harder to get depending on what tier they are in.

As of yet, the game seems to have tons of different stories that are spread out throughout the campaign which are varying in complexity. This means that you have quite a task ahead of you if you wish to get a complete completion rate!

Jurassic World Evolution 2 All Trophies and Achievements

Here’s a list of all the Trophies currently announced for Jurassic World Evolution 2. These are divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers for your convenience.

Bronze Trophies

Trophy NameDescription
That’s No TadpoleRelease a Mosasaurus
You Did That?Complete Challenge 3 (Any difficulty)
Good JobComplete Challenge 2 (Any difficulty)
Quite the ChallengeComplete Challenge 1 (Any difficulty)

Blue is alive!
Complete Return to Isla Nublar (Chaos Theory)

Brave New World
Complete the first Story Location

Open Paddock 9!
Complete Jurassic World (Chaos Theory)

Prehistoric Perfection
Complete a genome to 100%

Life Finds a Way
Release a dinosaur

This One is Special
Release a genetically modified dinosaur (excluding cosmetics)
Where’s the Phone?Complete Isla Sorna: Site B (Chaos Theory)
Not Making the Same Mistakes AgainComplete Jurassic Park: San Diego (Chaos Theory)
So Many TeethRelease a T. rex
All DoneComplete Challenge 4 (Any difficulty)

Glad That’s Over
Complete Challenge 5 (Any difficulty)

Down in the Laboratory
Complete a Research Task
Hold Onto Your ButtsComplete Jurassic Park (Chaos Theory)
What do we Have Here?Manually Scan a Dinosaur or reptile

I’m a Doctor
Manually cure a Dinosaur or reptile of a disease
Count Backwards from 5, 4, 3…Manually Tranquillize a Dinosaur or reptile

Oregon Out
Complete the fourth Story Location

This is a Modern Prehistoric Marvel
Bioengineer either of the following Hybrids:

Indominous Rex, Indo Raptor
Pennsylvania DoneComplete the third Story Location
Washington CompleteComplete the second Story Location
On the Road to SuccessHave at least 2000 guests in a park

Insurance Claim
Destroy a Ranger 4×4 through reckless driving
FlappedRelease a Pteranodon

Silver Trophies

Trophy NameDescription
Entered a New EraComplete the fifth Story Location

That Wasn’t Luck
Hit a dinosaur or reptile with a tranquillizer dart from a distance of at least 125m
PHD in the fieldReach Genetics level 10 with a staff member
You’ve Done WellComplete Challenge 2 (Jurassic difficulty)

Was that Tough?
Complete Challenge 3 (Jurassic difficulty)

Challenge Your Limits
Complete Challenge 4 (Jurassic difficulty)
You Call that a Challenge?Complete Challenge 5 (Jurassic difficulty)

Engineer 1st Class
Reach Logistics level 10 with a staff member

Veterinary wonder
Reach Welfare level 10 with a staff member
That’s a lot of DinosaursHouse at least 50 live dinosaurs on a single map

One More for the Sticker Book
Release at least one of every dinosaur genus in the game
Starting a CollectionComplete 50% of the Jurassic World Database

Good Aim
Manually Tranquillize an escaped Flying Reptile

Jurassic Showdown
Release the following dinosaurs on a single map:
Raptor, T. rex, Indominus Rex

As Light as a Feather
Get 5 seconds of air time with a ground vehicle (within a 20-second window)

That, that was a Challenge
Complete Challenge 1 (Jurassic difficulty)

Gold Trophies

Trophy NameDescription
I Can See EverythingComplete 100% of the Jurassic World Database

Platinum Trophies

Trophy NameDescription
Change Was InevitableAchieve All Other Trophies

That’s all the trophies currently available in Jurassic World Evolution 2! Stuck on a particular trophy? Shoot a comment down below and we’ll help you out!

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