Just Cause: Mobile Coming to Android, iOS in 2021

Just Cause: Mobile releasing in 2021

In the Game Awards Ceremony of 2021, Square Enix, the developers of Marvel’s Avengers and Final Fantasy series, announced that they will be releasing yet another free-to-play game in 2021, which is called Just Cause: Mobile.

Just Cause: Mobile is a free-to-play action shooter game which features the Just Cause universe having explosive single player and multiplayer co-op and PVP gameplay.

Just Cause: Mobile Game Modes

The game will feature a total number of four game modes, including action packed story campaign, Co-Op missions, 30 players competitive multiplayer and more. The game will be absolutely free to play with four separate game modes, as confirmed by Square Enix.

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High Graphics Gameplay

just Cause: Mobile gameplay

Just Cause: Mobile will have some high quality 3d graphics as it is powered by Unreal Engine 4. It will also have some great responsive touch controls and unique movement system which will feature parachute, wingsuit and grapple. There will also be voice chat available for players to communicate during co-op and multiplayer game modes.

Here is an announcement trailer of the game:

YouTube video

In-game purchases Available in Just Cause: Mobile

Although the game is free-to-play, but like every game, there will be a store in the game through which players can buy different stuff, if they want to. The developers have told to keep an eye on the social channels of Just Cause: Mobile to know more about the upcoming details.

Just Cause: Mobile is not a sequel to Just Cause: 4

Many people might be wondering if the mobile version is the sequel to the fourth edition of the game, but that is not the case. The Mobile edition will feature an entirely new storyline and gameplay specifically designed for mobile gaming.

Custom Characters as Protagonists

Just Cause: Mobile character customization

The players were hoping they get the chance to play as Rico in the game, but that will not be happening. However, there is a great addition by the developers in the mobile game. Now, the players will be able to design their own custom characters and they will be the protagonists of the game. You can customize their appearance, armor, as well as the gear to prefer your game style and choice.

This was all about the details of Just Cause: Mobile releasing next year. The fans are looking forward to the game and we are hopeful that it will be a great experience to play the game on mobile for the very first time.

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