M4LMG Loadout and Gunsmith Attachments in Call of Duty: Mobile

Here’s our best Gunsmith Loadout for the M4LMG. If your an SMG player, you are in for a treat! Because this time, we focus on turning the base of an M4LMG and all its good characteristics (high damage and range) and combine it with that of an SMG (high fire rate and mobility) to turn this LMG into a beast of a weapon.

The M4LMG was recently featured in our best guns guide for COD Mobile. It has high damage and range but suffers when it comes to general recoil and mobility. The LMG, in general, does the highest damage in its class and this was one of the reasons we considered it to be the best LMG in COD Mobile.

M4LMG – Overview and Tips


The LMG class is considered to be one of the worst in the game due to their low mobility and the fact that they have nothing to offer over AR’s except being a bit more stable. However, the M4LMG tries to change this opinion by offering high damage. With a proper Gunsmith loadout and attachments, it should turn into one of the best guns in the game.

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For this loadout, we recommend a hybrid playstyle that might seem insane for an LMG. But hear us out! After these attachments and the general Gunsmith loadout; players will be able to weave in and out of fights just like an SMG player helping you absolutely decimate waves of enemies with the generally high damage and range of the M4LMG.

M4LMG Gunsmith Loadout / Attachments

M4LMG Gunsmith Loadout and Attachments
Credits: GAMING with Gregory on YouTube

Here we have the best Gunsmith loadout and Attachments for the M4LMG. Before you comment down below, yes, we do know it looks more like an SMG than an LMG. But isn’t that a good thing?

Barrel: MIP Stock Barrel

The crux of this loadout is going to be increasing movement and ADS Speed. Ths costs us some vertical recoil control but that isn’t an issue due to the general recoil stability of an LMG.

Stock: No Stock

A very important part of this build is the removal of the stock. This provides the gun with reduced precision but much greater movement. With this attachment, expect to be as quick as an SMG player.

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Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

An attachment with no downsides. It increases our ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy and ADS Speed.

Underbarrel: Tactical Foregrip A

This attachment significantly reduces weapon sway while increasing overall accuracy. The reduction in movement speed is negligible but the increase in stability is quite substantial.

Ammunition: 30 Round Light Reload

LMGS have higher magazine capacities than any other gun in the game. Therefore, it makes sense for us to sacrifice some of that capacity in favor of more ADS Speed, movement speed and reload speed.

Here are the Pros and Cons for this specific build:


  • High damage
  • Good range
  • Increased mobility


  • Unreliable at shorter ranges

This concludes are Gunsmith build for the M4LMG. We hope you liked it! If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments down below.

Saad Muzaffar
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  1. I find the light muzzle with merc foregrip and the light stock actually keep it longer range- 64 range, great for short maps and search and destroy, any of the MP games.

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