Best MLB The Show 22 Settings: Batting, Baserunning, Pitching, Fielding

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MLB The Show 22 is the latest game in the MLB series and this time around, it is released on multiple platforms. Since newer players will be playing the game, you will not only need to be familiar with the controls of the game but also the best settings for MLB The Show 22.

If you want to be the best among your friends or in multiplayer mode, you will want to use these best settings for MLB The Show 22. Having these settings will allow you to perform better and make the overall gameplay experience better. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started with the guide.

MLB The Show 22: Best Settings

Before we begin, I would like to clarify that despite what settings you use, you will have to practice a lot to hone your skills. With that out of the way, here are the best settings that you can use to perform better in MLB The Show 22.

Best Batting and Baserunning Settings

Best Batting and Baserunning Settings - MLB The Show 22

The following hitting / batting settings will help you play the game with much more control over how and when you hit the ball. These settings give you the best view and ball trail paths along with other HUD options.

Hitting DifficultyAll-Star
Hitting ViewFish Eye
In-Play View OffenseDynamic
Ball Trail On
Hitting InterfaceTiming
Input TypeButtons
Analog TypeFlick
Camera ShiftOn
PCI AnchorOn
PCI Anchor DotsOn
Plate Coverage IndicatorOn
PCI CenterCircles
PCI InnerBasic
PCI OuterBasic
PCI ColorWhite
PCI Transparency70%
PCI FadeoutNone

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Best Pitching Settings

Best Pitching Settings - MLB The Show 22

These are the best pitching settings (as suggested by the pro players) for the best gameplay experience in The Show 22.

Pitching DifficultyAll-Star
Pitching InterfaceMeter
Pulse Meter DisplayDefault
Pitch FeedbackOn
Pitching ViewBroadcast
Pitching Ball MarkerPitch Trail Fade
Pitch ConfidenceOn
Pitch DelayNormal

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Best Fielding Settings

Best Fielding Settings - MLB The Show 22

We highly recommend you to switch to the following settings for fielding in MLB The Show 22 as they would help you field and overall perform better in every match.

Throwing InterfaceButton Accuracy
Throwing MeterOn
Fielding DecisionAssist
In-Play View DefenseDynamic
Throw CancellingOff
One Button Dive/JumpOff
Auto INF Jump ReactionOn
Auto INF Dive ReactionOn
Catch Position IndicatorDrifting Ball

These are all the settings you need to get started with MLB The Show 22. Try them out to feel an instant improvement in your gameplay performance. Did these settings allow you to be better at the game? Tell us in the comments below!

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