Is Overwatch 2 Beta on Console?

Is Overwatch 2 Beta Coming on Consoles

As the first Overwatch 2 Beta draws nearer, console players across the globe are wondering whether the Overwatch 2 Beta will be available on consoles or not. We have gathered all of the relevant information and hope to clear all of your doubts by the end of this guide.

Is Overwatch 2 Beta Coming on Consoles?

Blizzard has announced that the first PVP Beta for Overwatch 2 will commence on April 26th, and since then, they have started distributing beta keys through Twitch Streamers and other social handles.

As of now, they have only announced the Beta for PC and not for consoles. They have, however, confirmed that future betas would be coming out for consoles as well. So, console players will have to sit tight and wait for an official announcement.

How to Get into Overwatch 2 PvP Beta?

For those interested, you can try and be a part of the Overwatch 2 Beta on PC by connecting your Blizzard account with your Twitch Account and watching select streamers for 4 hours on April 27 (Between 1pm to 9pm ET).

Join Overwatch 2 PvP Beta

Alternatively, you can also sign-up on the official Overwatch website and hope that they send you a Beta key on your email.

If you are lucky, you might get the Overwatch 2 Beta access key as a drop, allowing you to play the game from April 28th onwards till May 17th.

This iteration of the Overwatch 2 Beta will let you play as Sojourn (the new hero), try out all of the new hero changes, updates to tanks and play the latest 5v5 game mode called ‘Push.’ You can read our article on everything new coming up in Overwatch 2.

Will Overwatch 2 Beta have Cross Platform Support on Console?

As more people have access to both PCs and Consoles, cross-platform support becomes an important factor for many. Blizzard has announced that Overwatch 2 will have cross-platform support on launch, meaning you’ll be able to play with your friends across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Whether the Overwatch 2 Beta will have Crossplay and Cross-Platform is not confirmed yet because the Beta has only been announced for PC for now. Once Blizzard releases the Beta for console players, then we’ll know if it has Crossplay capabilities or not.

Blizzard has yet to reveal the complete details on how cross-progression will work in the new game and whether you’ll be able to use all of your skins and cosmetics across all platforms.

Is Overwatch 2 Beta on Console Free?

Just like how the Beta was rolled out for the PC players, we expect the same methods to be used for the Console release of the Beta. The Overwatch 2 Beta will be free on Consoles, and access keys will be available through registrations and Twitch Drops.

When will Overwatch 2 Release on Console?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any info regarding Overwatch 2’s release date for any platform yet. All we know for now is that Blizzard will let console players test out the game and experience all of the changes in an upcoming Beta.

We are excited to see how things pan out for Overwatch 2 and will be covering it actively, including all of the hero changes, new additions, and latest news. So, keep visiting BRGeeks to stay up-to-date with all things Overwatch!

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